Sunday, November 27

Pippi Peponopolis

Mr. Popper’s Penguins is not one my favorite movie but that film is still in my lappy for months (and I watch it a lot too). The one that make me did not want to delete this movie is Pippi Peponopolis, Mr. Popper’s personal assistant. She process Mr. Popper’s paperworks and procure Mr. Popper’s periodicals.

Pippi have unique personality. Minus she can do better than Mr. Popper himself and have accent, she also make sure that in every sentences she said, there will always word that start with the letter ‘P’.

Not only that, there also put a touch of purple in her outfit. The details in her character make her hard to be forgotten.

‘Mr. Popper. Phew. Punctuality is a priority for this particular person.’ 


Tuesday, October 11

A Start From A Fool Scene 1

A girl was waiting to be auditioned for a musical theater.

She was bored.

She saw a CCTV camera and wave to it.

The camera moved a little.

The girl toke out a notebook and a pen from her bag.

She wrote something as big as she can and put it in front of the camera.

‘Are you bored?’

The camera moved up and down.

The girl wrote another note.

‘Me either.’

She put her note down and start singing and dancing Korean version of ‘The Three Bears’. The camera follow her every single move.

When she was finished dancing, the camera move up and down, left and right happily.

She take a bow to the camera.

The camera do the same.

Then she hear someone clapping.

Sunday, October 9

A Start From A Fool Scene 3

Maia get into the front stage with her right broken leg.

She is standing in front of a woman, a man and a chair.

The woman ask her.

‘What’s wrong with your leg?’

Another guy came in before Maia start answering.

He open the door and straight to the empty chair.

He is drinking straight from a mineral bottle.

‘Sorry guys, I’m late but I’ve seen an incredible performance today at our lobby. Please continue.’

Maia thought she had seen that guy before but that place is too dark and a big light only showed to her.

‘Miss Maia?’

‘While I at the lobby a guy told me to break a leg. So I do it.’

The guy that drinking spilled all his drinking water at the table.

He look straight at Maia.

The woman ask,

‘Do you know this girl, Jerry?’

The guy said,

‘No. I just… this… this drink is so bad. GIVE ME ANOTHER DRINK!’

The woman focus on Maia again.

‘Miss Maia. Break a Leg is a proverb. It’s mean good luck.’

‘Well, as you know, I’m not very pro about the verb and one of myUmi’s quotes’ is Don’t Believe Any Stranger.’

Maia put her hands in the air and look up as someone up there smirking at her.

‘I get it now. Thanks for reminding me. THANKS A LOT!’

The guy in the middle said,

‘How you want to dance if you have a broken leg?’

Maia put a fox smile at her face.

‘It’s mean that I don’t get the job, right? Oh well… HIT IT!’

Maia danced and hold her pain at the same time.

The guy in the middle stopped her.


Maia stopped.

Her fox smile still at her face.

She take a bow and move to the backstage.

The first jury complain.

‘Huh, I just think that girl just want to take our pity to cover our misjudge. She doesn’t have any talent at all.’

Jerry said, as cool as he can be,

‘She got talent. She just dumb.’

‘Excuse me? Have you seen her dancing?’

Jerry smirked, put a CD in front of her nose.

‘As the matter of fact, yes I have. Both legs.’

*kisah ini sekadar suka-suki buat selamber badak. Tak pernah terfikir pasal ending. But I try to finish it. and mind my grammar, or grammy or whatever they call ‘tatabahasa’ in English.

GOWWWIN’ UP!!! (^_^)

Wednesday, September 7


‘Every man will pay the penalty for his own misdeeds. The man who remember this will be angry with no one, revile no one, blame no one, offend no one, hate no one.’

- Epictetus

Probably no other man in American history was ever more denounced and hated and double-crossed than Lincoln. Yet Lincoln, according to Herndon’s classic biography,

“never judged man by his like or dislike for them. If any given act was to be performed, he could understand that his enemy could do it just as well as anyone. If a man had maligned him or been guilty of personal ill-treatment,and was the fittest man for the place, Lincoln would give him that place, just as soon as he would give it to a friend. … I do not think he ever removed a man because he was his enemy or because he disliked him.”

Perhaps Lincoln was right. If you and I had inherited the same physical, mental, and emotional characteristics that our enemies have inherited, and is life had done to us what it has done to them, we would act exactly as they do. we couldn’t possibly do anything else. As Clarence Darrow used to say: “To know all is to understand all, and this leaves no room for judgment and condemnation.” So instead of hating our enemies, let’s pity them and thank God that life has not made us what they are. Instead of heaping condemnation and revenge of out enemies, let’s given them our understanding, our sympathy, our help, our forgiveness and our prayers.

(from How To Stop Worrying And Start Living, a book by Dale Carnegie)  



Thursday, August 25


Lost my money.

Lost my mood.

Lost my tears.

Not lost my God.


I’ve been busy nowadays with a lot of stuff. With a lot of things happen around me, I thought I will be left behind. No, the right words is I HAD BEEN LEFT BEHIND after being squashed, smashed, and hurt like crazy.

‘That’s all.’ * Devils Wear Prada*

I found this short film in Youtube and I like it. ENJOY!!!


Monday, July 25


Every week he will make us watch a bunch of short films, and we talk about it. Well, not all will got the chance, but whoever didn’t get that, they are so very lucky.

This is just a few addition from the ‘discussion’, my OWN thought. Today’s we’ve seen ‘No Man’s Land’ and just a word that come out yelling inside my head: REFLECTION. The kid reflect what his mum and dad said and done in his own way. He is using his dolls to show emotion inside his parents.

I think it’s quite interesting, using another tool to show what happening inside a man. Reminding me of Peterpan’s music video, Menghapus Jejakmu, although the MV show a girl follow exactly the same move the guy made.  

We also got ‘The Hurt Locker’ script (not all of the scenes). What make me interested to write here is this lines.

James: This box is full of stuff that almost killed me.

Eldridge: What’s this one from, Will?

James: That’s my wedding ring. Like I said, stuff that almost killed me.

How come a wedding ring can kill you? (0_o???

P/S: Need to watch the movie-lah nampaknya.


Thursday, July 21


“He, he. Playback time!”

“Oi, Hantu Cina! Kau watpe tu?”

“Shh, Jerangkung. Jangan kuat sangat. nanti konti lari.”

“Ponti? aku tak nampak dia pun. Pocong adalah.”

“Bukan Ponti, konti. Jangan sampai aku buat kelas Bahasa Melayu kat sini.”

“Ada mak kessah? Ni ha, yang kau menyorok belakang bambu ni apecerr? Nak kena hambat ngan Puteri Buluh Betung?”

“Aku nak kasi pelajaran terhebat kat Pocong sebab rampas NOKKS dari aku. He he, Pocong rasakan playback terhebat aku!”

“Playback? Mana tv nyer? mana video nyer?”

“??? Apa yang kau merapu merepak meraban ni?”

“Yelah. Kata nak buat playback. Mesti nak tengok pakai tv kan?”

“Aku nak balas dendam kat Poconglah, kangkung!”

“Balas dendam? Oh, tu bukan playback, tu payback. Tiba-tiba aku dah terbuat kelas Bahasa Inggeris kat sini.”

“Ye ek? Tak kisahlah. L kena tendang jer kot. Putus niat aku nak wat nyanya Pocong. Dahlah, aku nak tido. Malam karang ada shooting. Babai.”

“Alamak! Dok ingak nok mitok otogerah. Dakpe, dakpe. Eh, kenapa keluar suara Kelantan ni? Musykil mak.”

Tuesday, July 12


Aku sedang tatap Mak Jemah tengah berlatih menari untuk jadi cikgu di AF dalam saluran banyak kaler apabila Jia datang nak pinjam buku ‘Orang Macam Kita’. Alamak! Aku lupa bagitahu Jia yang aku dah bagi buku tu pada orang lain.

Jia pun tanya bila orang tu nak bagi balik buku tu pada aku. Aku jawab aku bukan bagi pinjam, aku bagi terus. Jia tak percaya. Aku pun. Aku tak pernah bagi buku aku pada sapa-sapa. Lebih-lebih lagi kalau buku yang aku beli dari frinjan sebab aku tahu buku dari tempat-tempat underground adalah limited edition (tapi buku tu kat pesta buku berlambak).

Jia sangat kecewa. Aku tahu dah lama giler Jia nak baca buku tu. Ada story dalam buku tu yang berkaitan dengan Jia (Jia paraphrase balik ayat aku sebulan yang lalu untuk buat aku rasa lagi serba salah, agaknya).

Jia terus tanya soalan teka-teki pada aku, dalam banyak-banyak buku aku yang menggunung sesaknya dalam almari baju aku, kenapa dengan baik hatinya aku bagi ‘Orang Macam Kita’. Aku jawab senang jer. Aku tutup mata lepas tu aku ambil satu buku. Lepas tu aku balut bawak pergi birthday parti.

Dengan muka yang obviously-lah, K.E.C.E.W.A, Jia melangkah keluar dari rumah aku sambil membawa buku ‘Kuala Lumpur Aku OK’ (juga dari frinjan) bersamanya. Sebelum Jia balik, Jia tanya aku bagi buku tu kat sapa. Boleh Jia pergi jumpa dia terus. Dengan ketawa mengembek aku mengangkat jari telunjukku pada saluran penuh berkaler tadi, betul-betul pada Afdal The Gigirl yang sedang bertarung secara ‘lemah-gemalai’ dengan Mak Jemah gara-gara berebut Mail Lambung.


Wednesday, June 29


This week like ‘Living With My Memory’ week. Although I’m not alone or sorrow or whatever but the image of my secondary school’s badge always appear in my head (sometimes, in my dream). To tell the  truth, it’s my nightmare.

I have a bunch of bad past time that I really can’t remember but still hard to forget. It’s last week lecture that I realize why I should keep and throw it away if I can keep and share it. Well, not straight to the point but at least I know there’s someone out there sharing the same ‘story’ as I am.

When I was 17, I’m a very low-profile prefect. I’m good in debating on stage in English and one of my teacher want me to be one of the Malay debate group. I’m happy to join, so I’m waiting for the audition.

Three months I waited. And lastly I had been informed that the teacher had pick the participants for the group. I asked the teacher what’s happening and she said that she had held an audition. The best part is, my classmates know about the audition and they never told me about it. From that moment, I realize that they are good in keeping secrets. ESPECIALLY FROM ME.

Maybe it’s my fault too. I just waited without seeing or asking the teacher. It’s look like I don’t have the eager to join the group. And being a classmate doesn’t mean you have friends. I need to learn it the hard way.

GOWWWIN’ UP!!!          

Saturday, June 25



I never thought that I will have this opportunity. When I got it, there are a lot of sacrifices need to be done. My time, my routine and stuff. Almost my night and day had been full with something that I need to do to others (it will help myself in the future).

I love to write, and I’m a krazzy reader. But when both of them had become my number one priority it become no fun anymore. The idea of making imagination become reality on papers had changed to making everyone know what was really happening in this world literally. And now I need to pick which one I need to read out loud or need to read quiet and secretly.

But it doesn’t mean that I will give up everything I choose. I just need to find the passion, the same passion I got since primary school. The hope that everything will better in the end. (^_^)

Woah! It’s been a while I didn’t write here and that’s all I can say for now.


Thursday, May 5

Miss My Umi (T_T)

It's been around 5 months I did not see my family. Now this semester will over (sebenarnya dah habis dah pun) and I have less than a month to be with them. although I always calling them and they calling me but the chance for me to see my family face to face are not that big.

Sometime I jealous when I call my mother to wish her 'Happy Birthday', she tell me how sweet my sister (eldest sister) touch her hand and whispered 'Happy Birthday' in her ears. But of course, I don't want to put myself at the first place during her happy moment. (Saper suruh belajar jauh-jauh, padan muka!)

Now all I can do to make this feeling (rindu kat Umi) go away is just call her recently and eating 'ulam'. Before I continueing my study in Shah Alam, my Umi always put 'ulam' during lunch and dinner. If not 'pucuk pegaga' or 'ulam raja', a cabbage that had been cut will be nice. It's working (kejap jelah, lepas tu rindu balik, huhu) and looks like I need to eat 'ulam' everyday (nampak tak betapa kroniknya tahap rinduku ni) until I went back home (tu pun tak tahu bila lagi).

8th May are just around the corner and I'm afraid I will not have time (and lappy) to update my blog so I wish all the mothers, mamas, umis, moms, mommys, ammas and whatever you called someone that give birth to you a 'Happy Mother's Day'.

"Every mom are beautiful and wonderful. You will realize it whether when she's around or not." - my own qoute. (copyright controlled. HAHAHA)


Tuesday, May 3

You're Just Too Good To Be True~~~

It's kind of weird when they say I just listening to local songs only. Well, if you see my CD collection you also will agree with them. What can I say, local CD cheaper than international CD.

I'm listening, like everyone else. Not just English, Malay even Chinese and Hindi sometimes Tamil. But nowadays there just a few songs that really make me wanna say: I wanna hear more.

I don't know why but today I remember the first English song that really I like to hear when I 11 or 12. I always watch the 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' MTV at TV2 every midnight before the news. But the video have a few sexy part of Denise (kan ada scene Denise meniarap dengan pahanya yang putih lagi gebu) so they will show the same polite image over and over again until the end of the song.

I know this is an old song (Andy Williams kot, tak pun Frankie Valli) but there's something about this song that make me feel I wanna fall in love with someone. Believe me, if any guy sing MY FAVORITE VERSION of 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', I definitely fall in love with him, (especially if .......... ............ sing this song on stage, boleh pengsan I tau, hahaha). This is the greatest song ever (Harga dia pun great jugak).

Monday, April 25

Fuh... Fuh... Finally...

First of all, I don't good in elaborate things. Although that time I got idea then later I don't know what to say next. That's when Facebook (FB) and Twitter coming handy.

14th April 2011:

It's my sweet little sister's 11th birthday. (had wish her, but she claim present. Need to go shopping). At that time there's a gala night and a birthday bash! I can say that it was a very, very long night.

I didn't go to the gala night. What do you say if you need to do this and that (nothing to do with academic really) or you will be extended one sem of your studies? And what the point of being there if you contribute nothing. supporting your friend that nominated? not really... (you know them but they didn't know you).

So, I went to the birthday bash. It was... boring. It's have karaoke session (it was held in a karaoke hall), Suprise!!! session blowing candle session, 'suap-menyuap' session, taking picture session, karaoke session, another SUPRISE!!! session, press session (just for the B-boy while we 'enjoying' another karaoke session), giving present session, lastly, autograph and another taking picture session (I'm just helping others to grab a picture with the B-boy). It's that what we got in all birthday bash?

Recall back to another birthday bash. It was a 'B-girl'. We make it simple (budget) yet fun (excitement). No balloon, no host, just a cafeteria (read: 'open air' dining hall) a camera and a big Secret Recipe's cake. It's have blowing candle session (any birthday party did not completed without this session), eating cake with cutest style session (I'm the judge because they're using my camera. haha), taking picture session (this time with me in it), and 'baling' the cake, the flour and the eggs session. less session with more happening things to do.

okay, maybe the 'B-boy' is not my friend, but at least can you give something that makes EVERYONE cheer up? Still, a big clap to the president of the 'B-boy' fan club (FC). Although I'm not in the FC but she treated us all the same, member or non-member.

One more thing, if you wanna wish someone via Facebook, please wish at THEIR page, not YOURS.

Thursday, April 14

Where is my April?

I have not writing nowadays. Well, there's a lot of obstacle that I need to be patience about (my lappy was 'dead', need to do my assignment all over again, had been embarassed front of my lecturer.)

Well, the past is the past. Need to move on.

And now... listening to MY CLASSMATES' SONG!


Sunday, March 13



Pagi yang sukar buat kau rasa resah

Walau pun aku jatuh

Aku kan bangun dengan wajah ceria

Mari, mulakan mengejar mimpi

yang tiada penamat


Ku tetap tahu kau di situ

Tak kira berapa batu jauhnya

Semusim tanpa dirimu

Hidupku tak jelas lagi

Suara itu

Senyuman itu

Bermain di tubir mata


Tak perluku madahkan semuanya

Akalku melayang di bawah mentari terang

Kadang kala kuberharap pada hari

Hari yang tak mungkin kembali


Fatini Zulkarnain                              20 Disember 2009


Cawan bersambut. Ila terus duduk di sebelah Puan Anita. Ikram duduk bertentangan dengan mereka, membiarkan meja kopi menjadi pemisah.

“Saya tak percaya dengan apa yang Encik Ikram cakap. Saya dah anggap Erwin macam anak saya sendiri,” kata Puan Anita.

“Sebab itu saya bawa bukti sekali,” Ikram menunjukkan beberapa helaian kertas yang bertulis pelbagai jenis nombor. Puan Anita semakin tercengang.

“Habis tu, siapa yang telefon beritahu pasal show?” tanya Ila.

“Itu kerja saya. Saya sengaja telefon Puan Suhaila sebab puan satu-satunya orang yang tak pernah jumpa Erwin lagi,”

“Jadi, kenapa Encik Ikram telefon Amir pasal show dia kat Kuala Lumpur? Kenapa tak telefon saya saja?”

“Telefon Amir? Saya tak pernah telefon Amir. Ini mesti perangkap,” kata-kata Ikram menggusarkan Ila dan Puan Anita.

“Macam mana ni?” tanya Puan Anita.

“Puan, kita mesti buat Erwin percaya yang perangkapya dah mengena. Saya ada rancangan…” kata Ikram penuh keyakinan.

Saturday, March 12



Aku dah lama berhenti berharap

Berhenti mengharapkan tuah

Berhenti mengharapkan masa

Berhenti mengharapkan kasih sayang

Berhenti mengharapkan kasihan

Berhenti mengharapkan insan

berhenti mengharapkan cinta

berhenti mengharapkan kenangan

berhenti mengharapkan kegembiraan


aku kini berharap

berharap pada kesepian

berharap pada kesunyian

berharap pada keseorangan

berharap pada kesengsaraan

berharap pada kesakitan

berharap pada kemusnahan

berharap pada kerosakan

berharap pada kengiluan

jangan pernah paksa aku berhenti berharap pada TUHAN!!!


Fatini Zulkarnain                               3 November 2010


Petang itu hanya Ila dan Puan Anita sahaja yang berada di rumah. Amir keluar entah ke mana. Puan Anita perasan Ila asyik mengelamun dan kadang-kadang tersenyum seorang diri.

“Apa yang Ila tengok sampai senyum kat dinding tu?” tanya Puan Anita.

“Eh, tak ada apa-apa,mama. Ila cuma rasa seronok tak lama lagi dapat balik. Itu saja.”

“Seronok balik Malaysia ke, seronok balik dengan Amir? Mama tak kisah sebab korang dah jadi suami isteri. Jadi tak hairanlah kalau ada terbit sedikit rasa cinta walaupun sebesar zarah atom.”

“Mama ni…”

Tiba-tiba kedengaran pintu rumah diketuk orang. Sebaik sahaja pintu dibuka, kelihatan seorang lelaki berambut pacak dan berkaca mata hitam.

“Assalamualaikum. Saya mencari Ayu Suhaila. Dia ada?” tanya lelaki itu.

“Siapa tu, mama?” Ila bertanya apabila namanya disebut.

“Nama saya Ikram. Saya seorang penyiasat persendirian. Saya sedang menyiasat penyelewengan yang dilakukan kepada suami puan, Amir oleh pengurusnya, Erwin.”

Friday, March 11



Mengapa kita bertemu

Di bawah cahaya senja nan sepi

Walau pun ku cuba menyusun bicara

Takkan mampu menyatukan dua hati jauh terpisah


andai kau lambaikan tangan

bersama senyum mesra

mungkin senja sepi itu

kelihatan lebih indah


Andai dapat kau tunaikan

Satu-satunya permintaanku

Kuberharap kisah cinta luka ini

Takkan terjadi


Fatini Zulkarnain                                   19 Mac 2010



“Amir! Makanlah sayur tu. Nanti awak tak ada tenaga nak menyanyi,” katya Ila sambil membasuh pinggan.

“Ala… Saya tak sukalah makan sayur. Lagipun hari ni mana ada show. Masaklah benda lain,” pinta Amir.

“Jangan bagi alasan. Amir mesti makan sayur tu jugak.”

“Ila… Erwin dah bagi Amir cuti. Bagilah Amir makan apa yang Amir nak.”

“Jangan nak mengada. Makan sayur …” gelas jatuh besebelahan kaki Ila. Serpihan kacanya menyebabkan kaki Ila berdarah. Amir terus menerpa dan mengangkat Ila. Haruman minyak wangi menerjah rongga hidung Amir. Haruman yang menyenangkan hati. Ila diletakkan di ruang tamu. Luka di kaki Ila diteliti. Puan Anita muncul.

“Kenapa ni?” Tanya Puan Anita.

“Gelas pecah, Ma. Kaki Ila luka. Mama tolong ambilkan kotak first-aid,” kata Amir. Puan Anita menurut. Kotak petolongan cemas dihulur. Amir menyapu antiseptik sebelum membalut luka Ila. Entah mengapa, sentuhan tangan Amir membuatkan dada Ila berdebar kencang. Wajah cemas suaminya membuatkan dia terfikir:

‘Ambil berat juga dia pada aku.’

Selesai membalut luka, Amir mengambil tempat di sebelah Ila. Ila berasa tidak selesa. Sebaik sahaja Ila berdiri, Amir memegang tangan Ila. Ila tergaman.

“Ila nak pergi mana?” Tanya Amir.

“Nak… bersihkan kaca …kat dapur,” terketar-ketar Ila menjawab.

“Tak payah Ila. Hari ni Ila berehat je. Semua kerja rumah biar Mama yang buat. Amir, jaga isteri kamu baik-baik,” kata Puan Anita. Dia kemudian berlalu meninggalkan Amir dan Ila. Tatapan mata Amir membuatkan Ila semakin menundukkan muka.

“Kita dah lama tinggal sebumbung, tapi Ila tak pernah bercerita pasal diri Ila,” kata Amir.

“Apa yang Amir nak tahu?”

“Okey, kita start dengan keluarga. Mak dan ayah Ila tahu ke Ila datang Singapura?”

“Mak ayah Ila meninggal masa umur Ila 13 tahun. Ila tinggal kat rumah anak yatim lepas tu,” kata Ila, sedih.

“Kenapa Ila datang ke Singapura?”

“Ila nak buat kerja halal. Tapi tak sangka keadaan jadi macam ni.”

“Jadi, Ila menyesal kahwin dengan Amir?”

“Tak. Kalau ini suratan, Ila terima dengan redha. Lagipun, Amir bukannya teruk sangat,” Ila senyum. Senyum yang mampu menggetarkan jiwa anak Adam.

“Em… kalau Ila dapat peluang balik ke Malaysia, Ila akan pergi ke mana?”

“Ila sebenarnya dah lama nak pergi karnival Jom Heboh kat Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. Orang kata karnival kat situ memang best sebab Jom Heboh akan berakhir kat situ,” jujur Ila menjawab. Mata mereka bertembung. Tangan Amir semakin menghampiri pipi Ila. Pada saat itulah telefon berdering.

‘Kacau daun sungguh telefon ni,’getus hati Amir. Amir bergerak ke halaman rumah, meninggalkan Ila terkebil-kebil di ruang tamu.

‘Kenapa dengan aku ni? Jangan-jangan aku ada hati kat dia kot,’ hati Ila tidak keruan. Ila asyik membayangkan tatapan mata Amir sebentar tadi. Ila membetulkan duduk sebaik sahaja Amir mendekatinya.

“Ila, kita akan ke Malaysia!” Amir bersorak riang.

Thursday, March 10



Perempuan pakai beg branded = Versace

Lelaki pakai beg tak ada brand = Adidas


Perempuan pakai beg tak ada brand = ?

Lelaki pakai beg branded = ?


Perempuan pakai mekap = Versace

Lelaki pakai gadget = Adidas


Perempuan pakai gadget = ?

Lelaki pakai mekap = ?


Perempuan shopping baju sampai subuh = Versace

Lelaki tengok bola sampai subuh = Adidas


Perempuan tengok bola sampai subuh = ?

Lelaki shopping sampai subuh = ?


Kalau aku

Perempuan kaya, anak Dato’ = Versace

Dan dia

Lelaki miskin, anak Atok = Adidas

Tapi aku

Perempuan miskin, rumah kayu = ?

Juga dia

Lelaki kaya, rumah banglo = ?


Sedangkan Versace dan Adidas

Tak pernah sebutik sekedai

Inikan pula aku dan dia

Fatini Zulkarnain                                  24 Ogos 2010

Wednesday, March 9


Mudahnya engkau bicara

Hanya menguji semata

Tapi hatiku yang merana

Saat kau bilang hatiku berdusta


Air mata ini bergenang

Bukan kerna aku tak matang

Ku tahu rasa itu hilang

Ku tahu percayamu melayang


Mengapa perasaanku yang kau dugakan

Setiaku padamu tak pernah padam

Adakah kita hanyalah satu kesalahan



Aku terlalu menyintaimu


Diri ini hanya untukmu


Jangan pernah persoal kasih dan cinta



Erwin terkesima. Buat pertama kali dalam tempoh sebulan Erwin ‘menghilang’, single kedua Amir yang tak jadi dipromosikan didengar di corong radio. Ini bermakna populariti Amir sudah meningkat semula. Tapi macam mana Amir boleh tahu semua job yang aku tak pernah bagitahu pada dia? Ini tidak boleh jadi. Kalau macam ni habis semua rancangan aku. Aku mesti bertindak. MESTI!!!



Keletihan takkan pernah ada

Andai sepanjang malam kisah kasih berbicara

Diri ini ditelan gelombang membara

Hanya memikirkan soal cinta


Walaupun ku berenang dalam memori

Realitinya kering dan dingin

Aku ingin mengakui cinta ini

Jadi di mana mestiku mulai


Umpama langit nun menjauh

Dirimu tak bisa kugapai

Kuberjanji dari hati

akan bersamamu ke mana jua


walaupun kufahami satu hari nanti,

ku tetap mencintaimu

walaupun ku lawan ia

dari subuh hingga senja


dikala diri kecil ini

terbayang padang tempat bermain

ku masih melihat diriku yang dulu

ku akan mengejar kisah kasih

antara bebayang dan mentari.


Fatini Zulkarnain                               03 Oktober 2010

Tuesday, March 8



Pagi yang sungguh indah buat Ila. Sambil duduk menghayati alam ciptaan Tuhan, tiada salahnya kalau membaca surat khabar. Diselaknya sehelai demi sehelai. Hayunan tangannya terhenti pada satu tajuk besar di ruangan hiburan:


Tersirap darah Ila melihat tajuk artikel itu. Dibacanya perenggan demi perenggan. Ila seperti dipersalahkan kerana Amir tidak pergi membuat persembahan seperti yang dijanjikan, padahal wang pendahuluan telah dibayar. Kononnya, Ila dikatakan mengongkong Amir. Padahal sejak akhir-akhir ini, Amir sering keluar. Kalau tak buat show, Amir pergi mana?

Telefon di atas meja berdering. Surat khabar ditinggalkan.

“Hello,” sapa Ila.

“Hari ni Amir ada show kat Great Plaza pukul 10.00 pagi, sempena 5 tahun penubuhan plaza itu. Dia akan menyanyi 3 buah lagu. Tak kurang, lebih atas permintaan. Telefon Encik Chua sekarang,” arah pemanggil itu.

“Siapa ni?” Talian diputuskan sebaik sahaja Ila membuka bicara. Tanpa berfikir panjang, Ila terus ke bilik dan mengambil telefon bimbit Amir. Dengkuran Amir yang sangat kuat menyakinkan Ila betapa lenanya Amir. Mujurlah Amir ada menyimpan nombor telefon seseorang bernama ‘Chua’. Lantas nombor itu didail.

“Hello, Amir. Awak kat mana? Dah lama saya tunggu. Awak nak nyanyi lagu apa hari ni?” Suara lelaki 30-an loghat Cina menerjah gegendang telinga Ila.

“Hello, saya wakil dari Encik Amir Azmi. Dia akan hadir hari ni. Saya cuma nak tetapkan lagu yang akan dinyanyikan oleh Encik Amir supaya pihak tuan bolah bersedia,” Ila cuba menukarkan suaranya persis suara operator, dan nampaknya berjaya. Encik Chua menerimanya tanpa sebarang prasangka. Sekarang, tugas Ila yang seterusnya ialah mengejutkan Amir.



Darah beku

Di tubuh kaku

Hembus nafas



Tin karat



Daging busuk



Rumput layu

Mengalas tubuh kaku

Malam kelam

Tak memberi perlindungan

Tak memberi jawapan

Darah siapa di badannya?

Darah beku itu

Tidak keluar

Dari tubuh kakunya


Darah siapa?


Tak sempat

Jawapan diraih

Hembus nafas

tak terdengar lagi

dia kini

bangkai terbuang

Fatini Zulkarnain                                   24 Mei 2010

Monday, March 7


“Erwin bin Farid. Seorang pengurus artis. Pendidikan yang paling tinggi, ijazah sarjana pengurusan seni. Sekarang menjadi pengurus kepada Amir Azfar. Takde lagi ke maklumat lain untuk suspek ni?” Tanya Ikram. Cheryl hanya menggeleng kepala.

“Dah puas saya cari. Itu jelah maklumat yang ada. Suspek ni memang licik, bos,” kata Cheryl. Kes penipuan pengurus artis ini membuatkan tugasnya sebagai pembantu penyiasat persendirian tercabar. Dia terpaksa mencari maklumat suspek dan pada masa yang sama mengelakkan campur tangan pihak media.

“Kalau macam tu saya nak maklumat tentang artis yang dia uruskan sekarang, Amir Azfar,” minta Ikram lagi. Cheryl terus mengeluarkan sebuah fail merah jambu yang dihiasi dengan pelbagai kertas warna. Gambar Amir sedang tersenyum dengan pose yang menarik terpampang di kulit muka fail tersebut. Ikram menjeling Cheryl yang tersenyum kambing.

“Fanatik jugak awak dengan budak Amir ni.”

“Tak delah, bos. Nak buat macam mana. Naluri wanita. Muka dia dahlah jambu, suara macho pulak tu. Perempuan mana yang tahan…”

“Tak pelah. Sekurang-kurangnya saya ada maklumat lengkap tentang Amir Azfar.”

“Tapi kan, bos, dalam ramai-ramai artis, kenapa Amir jugak yang dia nak tipu?”

“Sebab Amir kan terlalu muda dan terlalu popular. Itu modus operandi Erwin. Dia perlukan artis setahun jagung supaya senang dia tipu duit diorang.”

“Kesian Amir. Kita kena tangkap Erwin tu bos.”

“Masalahnya Cheryl, kita tak ada bukti. Awak sendiri yang cakap Erwin tu licik. Dia boleh cover kerja jahat dia dengan wang dab pengaruh. Erwin mesti kenal setiap orang yang rapat dengan Amir. Kita kena cari orang yang rapat dengan Amir dan pada masa yang sama Erwin tak kenal orang tu.”

“Cakap pasal Amir, tadi say abaca dalam surat khabar dia kena tangkap basah. Kesian Amir. Saya tak percaya dia buat macam tu. Sebelum ni dia tak ada skandal dengan sesiapa pun,” kata Cheryl. Ikram dapat mengesan sesuatu.

“Itu tandanya Erwin nak cari mangsa baru. Kita kena bertindak cepat, kalau tidak kerjaya Amir sebagai penyanyi aka terkubur selamanya. Apa jadi dengan diorang?” Tanya Ikram ingin tahu.

“Diorang dikahwinkan tanpa bantahan. Oh, baru saya faham. Kalau Amir kena tangkap basah, peminat dia akan pandang serong pada Amir. Lagi pun, dia kan dah jadi suami orang, takkanlah peminat perempuan terhegeh-hegeh nak kejar dia lagi kan?”

“Pandai pun Cheryl. Tau takpe. Kalau macam tu saya nak nombor telefon isteri Amir, boleh?” Tanya Ikram.

“Ala bos ni, macam tak kenal saya pulak. Ini Cheryllah, lebih hebat dari wartawan tau.”



Lembaran diselak

Ayat diucap

Layar dibuka


Fakta menerobos minda

Fiksi menerobos imaginasi

Gabungan keduanya

Membuka cerita


Madah-madah indah

Dari kata ke baca

Dari baca ke kaca

Dan dari kaca ke semesta


Membuat yang luluh

Merasa senang

Yang buta

Celik sentiasa

Yang bisu

Mampu bersuara


Sastera itu angin

Buku itu laut

Filem itu alam


Fatini Zulkarnain                             18 September 2010

Sunday, March 6


“Huargh… ngantuknya! Lebih baik masuk tidur,” Amir menggumam sendirian. Televisyen yang masih terpasang ditutp dan ruang tamu digelapkan. Apabila pintu bilik dibuka, Ila sudah nyenyak tidur di atas tilam empuk milik Amir. Sebiji bantal peluk diletak betul-betul di tengah katil. Ila tidur di sebelah kiri bantal peluk tersebut. Amir terus membaringkan diri di sebelah kanan katil. Hatinya tak habis-habis menympah-seranahkan Ila. Amir cuba-cuba mengusik Ila dengan meletakkan tangan kanannya ke muka Ila sambil matanya tertutup rapat. Ila menolak tangan tersebut dan menyiku bantal peluk itu beberapa kali. Ia betul-betul mengenai hidung mancung Amir. Amir bertambah geram, dia pukul telinga dengan bantal sebelum sambung tidur. Ila tidak menunjukkan apa-apa reaksi. Amir angkat muka. Ila tiada di tempatnya. Rupa-rupanya Ila beralih tidur di sofa panjang yang ada dalam bilik itu tanpa bantal atau selimut. Suhu penyaman udara yang agak sejuk itu membuat Ila merapatkan lutut ke dadanya. Amir tersenyum puas lalu tertidur.

Seminggu berlalu, Puan Anita semakin rapat dengan Ila. Amir berasa disishkan dan cemburu melihat kemesraan Ila dan ibunya. Jadi, dia akan ke studio untuk berlatih menyanyikan lagu terbarunya. Itu membuatkan Ila dan Puan Anita lebih akrab.

Petang itu, Puan Anita ke kedai runcit. Ila berseorangan di rumah. Jadi kesempatan yang ada digunakan untuk mengemas rumah. MP3 dipasang dan mulut Ila terkumat-kamit mengikut lirik lagu yang didengarnya. Ngauman Mini Cooper Amir tak didengar langsung. Sewaktu Amir keluar dari kereta dia mendengar suara sumbang. Dia bukan tertarik kepada suara tersebut, tetapi kepada bait-bait kata yang diucap.

Siapa aku di masa depan?

Soalan itu masih tinggal soalan,

Dan bila masanya tiba,

Ku harap saat kemuncak hidup ini

akan ada kamu

selalu ada kamu

Itu lagu yang menaikkan nama Amir sehingga luar biasa popular. Dia tak sangka yang Ila tahu lagu tu. Di pintu, dia melihat Ila sedang mengemas ruang tamu sambil setiap langkahnya mengikut rentak lagu. Amir hanya berdiri di sana. Sehinggalah Ila membersihkan bingkai gambar, dia terlihat kelibat Amir di cermin bingkai terbabit. Dia terkejut lantas menoleh ke arah Amir. Ila menjelaskan.

“MP3 ni saya beli pada hari pertama saya di Singapura. Kebetulan lagu ni memang dah ada dalam ni. Saya dengar je, saya tak tahu apa-apa pun. Kalau awak tak suka saya boleh buang. Lagipun ni bukan lagu yang saya suka. Saya suka dengar lagu ni,” Ila menekan butang MP3 beberapa kali.

“Ha… Ni dia. ‘Cinta Terakhir’,” kata Ila lalu pergi ke dapur, meninggalkan Amir berseorangan di ruang tamu.

‘Tak tanya pun,’ Amir berbisik sendirian.



Sudah jauh ku bersenandung

Sampai ke dunia yang hujung

Adakah senandungku bersahut

Atau dibiar tanpa kalut?


Kesian sang senandung

Dibiar sangsi

Dilihat mati

Didengar tuli


Sabarlah sang senandung

Ku percaya

Satu hari nanti


Ada yang sudi mendengar senandung

Ada yang bangga melihat senandung

Ada yang mengangkat senandung

Hingga tak terjangkau awan bersenandung.


Dan dia,

Akan tersenyum bersama senandung.


Fatini Zulkarnain                                    7 Mac 2011


“Terima kasih sebab tolong aku. Akhirnya, dapat juga aku lepaskan diri dari budak hingusan tu. Kaulah kawan aku yang paling baik, Johny,” kata Erwin. Gelas mereka diangkat dan dilagakan. Restoran mewah Itali yang menjadi pilihan mereka membuatkan sesiapa sahaja yang menjamu selera di situ merasakan diri mereka mewah dan berduit.

“Ha! Ha! Takde apa-apa sangat. Kebetulan budak tu aku nak jadikan pelacur kat sini. Alang-alang kau dah mintak, aku tolong jelah. Apapun 25%,” kata Johny. Mereka ketawa lagi.

“Lepas aku lingkupkan budak tu, aku ingat nak angkat kakilah. Pergi seberang Tambak Johor. Ramai artis yang aku boleh buat duit kat sana,” kata Erwin.

“Nanti bila sampai sana kau jangan lupakan aku pula. Kalau ada masalah, call aku, okey?” kata Johny. Semakin galak mereka ketawa.

‘Padan muka engkau, Amir. Lepas ni bila kau dah takde job, jangan harap kau nak tunjuk muka kau kat orang lagi,’ kata hati Erwin, penuh kebencian. Tanpa mereka sedari, gerak-geri mereka berdua diperhatikan jejaka berbaju hitam. Rambutnya yang agak terpacak membuat dia kelihatan lebih kebudak-budakan daripada usia sebenar. Mejanya terdapat beberapa cawan kosong dan matanya hanya menatap Erwin yang masih ketawa.

Saturday, March 5



Mulanya aku melangkah sendiri

Tanpa teman ke sana ke mari

Seorang diri ilmu kucari

Gigih berusaha walaupun sepi


Engkau hadir bawa cahaya

Menerangi alamku yang buta

Sebagai teman kita bersama

Adab sopan masih dijaga


Tapi mengapa ramai yang cemburu

Dijeling hebat setiap waktu

Apakah salahku apakah salahmu

Apakah salah kita bertemu


Realiti kini memang berbeza

Semakin singkat perjumpaan kita

Akur dengan undang-undang manusia

Jika dilanggar terseksa jiwa


Aku ini hanyalah dagang

Seorang insan hidup menumpang

Sudah jauh kasih dan sayang

Mengharap belas walau segantang


Cinta yang hadir di dalam diri

Bukan mainan atau ilusi

Cinta ku ikhlas, jujur dan murni

Harap berakhir sampai ke mati


Tapi hatiku menangis lagi

Walau wajahku senyum berseri

Setiap patah kata disaji

Bagaikan sembilu menikam sanubari


Padamu Tuhan ku menadah tangan

Biarlah kasih ini berpanjangan

Jauhkan segala fitnah dan syaitan

Semoga ke syurga kami berkekalan


Namun hatiku tetap merintih

Jiwaku tetap merasa pedih

Mereka terus buatku sedih

Aku yang merasa getir dan perih

Fatini Zulkarnain                             14 September 2009

Friday, March 4


‘Apalah malang nasib aku. Job aku dah lah kurang. Terpaksa kahwin dengan minah ni lagi. Campur dengan berita ni tersebar satu Singapura. Makin kuranglah job aku. Erwin pun satu, bila aku nak lawan, dia cakap just go with the flow. Ada banyak bukti kukuh. Lebih baik ikut je daripada menambahkan malu yang ada. Hai, kalau macam ni lingkuplah karier aku tak lama lagi,’ gumam hati Amir. Semalam setelah diijabkabulkan Amir terus menempah satu lagi bilik untuk Ila. Kini mereka dalam perjalanan ke rumah Puan Anita, ibu Amir. Semakin mereka hampir dengan rumah banglo dua tingkat berwarna biru langit itu, kelibat Puan Anita semakin jelas kelihatan. Sebaik sahaja kereta Mini Cooper emas metalik Amir memasuki garaj, Amir bersuara,

“Biar saya jumpa mak saya dulu. Awak jangan turun lagi.”

Ila hanya akur dan melihat Amir menuju ke arah perempuan berusia 40-an. Pandangannya kini tertumpa pada halaman rumah tersebut. Penuh dengan tumbuh-tumbuhan yang belum pernah Ila lihat seumur hidupnya. Mungkin herba atau tumbuhan yang hampir pupus. Telinganya mendengar lagu-lagu yang tersimpan kemas dalam MP3-nya. Namun begitu dia masih mendengar suara teriakan Puan Anita.

“Anak tak guna! Buat apa kau datang sini, hah! Lepas kau dah malukan aku, baru kau nak balik!” Tangan Puan Anita diangkat tinggi. Amir bagaikan seorang pesalah bersedia menerima hukuman.

“Nanti!” Jeritan Ila membantutkan niat Puan Anita. “Mak cik dengar penjelasan saya dulu. Kami diperangkap,” kata Ila lagi.

“Ha’ah, memang! Kau yang perangkap anak aku kan? Dasar perempuan jalang!” Herdikan Puan Anita hampir melemahkan jiwa Ila tetapi dia tahu bukti kebenaran kepada kata-katanya ada pada diri Ila sendiri. Dia harus tunjukkan bukti itu sebelum keadaan jadi di luar kawalan.

“Mak cik, saya bukan orang Singapura. Saya orang Malaysia. Kalau tak percaya, ini buktinya,” Ila menunjukkan Mykadnya. Kata Ila lagi, “Ini kali pertama saya datang ke Singapura dan ini buktinya,” dia menunjukkan pasportnya kepada Puan Anita. “Dan Amir, berapa kali awak seberang Tembok Johor?” Tanya Ila.

“Tak pernah langsung,” kata Amir.

“Jadi ini membuktikan yang kami diperangkap,” kata-kata Ila membuat Puan Anita diam dalam sebak. Tiba-tiba dia memeluk Ila sambil menangis teresak-esak.

“Maafkan mak cik, nak. Mak cik tinggal sorang-sorang je kat rumah. Kadang-kadang pergi rumah jiran sebelah. Lepas cerita tu tersebar, mak cik malu nak keluar rumah. Mak cik sedih,” kata Puan Anita.

“Tapi Amir kan dah balik,” kata Ila. Puan Anita mengesat air mata yang masih bersisa.

“Ya Allah, dah lama sangat kita duduk kat luar ni. Marilah masuk, apa nama isteri kau ni, Amir?” Puan Anita hampir terlupa bertanya nama.

“Ila, mak cik. Ayu Suhaila.”

“Jangan panggil mak cik. Panggil mama.”

“Baik, mama.”

“Amir, angkat beg tu. Kesian menantu mama. Mesti penat kan?”

“Takpelah, mama. Biar Ila angkat beg dulu.”

“Jangan, beg tu berat. Biar orang lelaki je yang buat kerja-kerja macam tu. Ila masuk dengan mama dulu ya?” Pinta Puan Anita. Ila hanya mengangkat bahu kepada Amir. Amir mula mencebik. ‘Mentang-mentanglah kau berjaya pujuk mak aku. Eksyenlah tu.’ Hati Amir mulai geram. ‘Tapi bijak juga dia tu. Siap ada bukti lagi. Macam lawyer… Eh, kenapa dengan aku ni? Puji dia pulak.’ Hati Amir terus berbicara.


Damaikanlah jiwa ini

Dalam kesangsian ku terus kembara

Aku hanya manusia

Pasti tiada yang dapat ku perlakukan

Sebelum ku pergi…oh…

Tiada apa yang ku pinta

Dalam dunia yang banyak meminta

Aku hanya manusia

Sekadar kebebasan sangat berharga

Maka itu aku terpesona


Pada keindahan warna pelangi

Rupa tanpa wajah

Bermain di mata

Berjalan tanpa ikut haluan

Wajah pura-pura

Bertopengkan wira

Menari tanpa ikut irama




Pada keindahan warna pelangi


Ciptaan: M. Nasir                Kembara Seniman Jalanan (1986)

Thursday, March 3


Amir membuka mata. Terkebil-kebil dia melihat bilik hotelnya. Walaupun masih mamai, dia cuba untuk berdiri. Jam menunjukkan sudah pukul dua belas tengah hari. Amir perasan baju yang dipakai untuk persembahan pagi tadi masih belum ditukar. Lantas dia ke bilik air untuk menyegarkan badan. Tanpa Amir sedari seorang gadis sedang lena di di kerusi panjang berdekatan katilnya. Kedudukan kerusi yang membelakangi katil membuatkan sesiapa sahaja tidak akan perasan akan kewujudan seseorang di situ.

Bunyi air yang mencurah-curah membuat Ila terjaga. Dia memandang sekeliling. ‘Eh, bukan ke tadi aku ada dalam kereta? Macam mana boleh ada dalam bilik ni?’ Hati Ila berbicara. Bunyi air semakin perlahan dan terus senyap diganti dengan suara senandung dari arah yang sama. Tiba-tiba….

kedua-dua jeritan bertemu dan dan membentuk gema yang luar biasa hebatnya. Amir menutup pintu bilia air semula. Ila pula menutup mata. Seorang lelaki yang hany bertuala membuatnya terkejut.

“Macam mana awak boleh masuk bilik saya?” Tanya Amir.

“Saya tak tahu.”

“Siapa yang suruh awak datang sini?”

“Saya tak tahu.”

“Awak ni hilang ingatan ke? Dari tadi cakap tak tahu je,” Amir jengkel. Ayat itu membuat Ila panas. Mahu saja dia menendang pintu bilik air dan menjerut leher sesiapa yang ada di dalamnya.

“Dah saya memang tak tahu. Nak cakap apa lagi?” Tanya Ila. Tapi dia tak perlukan jawapan. Amir keluar dari bilik air. Keadaan dirinya tidak dipedulikan. Dia meluru ke hadapan Ila yang masih duduk di kerusi panjang.

“Awak tahu tak saya siapa?” Amir merenung tajam ke wajah polos Ila.


“Saya Amir Azfar. Penyanyi tersohor Singapura. Takkan awak tak kenal.”

“Huh, tersohorlah konon! Untuk pengetahuan awak, memang saya tak kenal nama yang awak sebut tu sebab saya orang Malaysia dan tak ingin nak kenal kalau macam ni perangai artis-artis Singapura,” kata Ila. Amir menuju ke pintu keluar. Ila membuntuti Amir dari belakang sambil berkata,

“Awak bukannya popular macam Taufik Batisah atau Imran Ajmain di Malaysia. Jadi jangan nak perasan!”

“Kalau macam tu awak boleh keluar sekarang sebab bilik ni atas nama saya,” kata Amir sambil membuka pintu. Tapi Ila masih tercegat di situ. Amir yang berada di balik pintu merasakan seperti ada yang tak kena. Ila menjuihkan bibirnya ke luar. Amir bergerak ke depan dan terkejut melihat lima orang lelaki bersongkok dan berkopiah bersama empat orang wartawan yang tak putus-putus melimpahkan cahaya yang menyilaukan mata mereka berdua di luar bilik hotel.

“Assalamualaikum,” kata lelaki bersongkok serentak.



The Sun has come

The mist has gone

We see in the distance…

Our long way home.

I was always yours to have

You were always mine.

We have loved each other in and out of time.

When the first stone looked up at the blazing sun.

And the first struggled up from the forest floor.

I had always love you more.

You freed your braids…

Gave your hair to the breeze.

It hummed like a hive of honey bees.

I reached in the mass for the sweet honey comb there…

Mmmm… God how I love your hair.

You saw me bludgeoned by circumstance.

Lost, hurt, injured by chance.

I screamed to the heavens, loudly screamed…

Trying to change our nightmares into dreams…

The Sun has come.

The mist has gone.

We see in the distance our long way home.

I was always yours to have.

You were always mine.

We have love each other in and out

in and out

in and out

of time.

Maya Angelou                      Madea’s Family Reunion (2006)

Wednesday, March 2


“Cik Ayu Suhaila?” Seseorang menegurnya dari belakang.

“Ya, saya,” kata Ila.

“Saya Johny, ejen Cik Ayu Suhaila. Selamat datang ke Singapura,” kata aluan Johny membuat Ila yang tercari-cari arah di lapangan terbang itu tadi tersenyum.

“Panggil saya Ila je,” kata Ila.

“Baiklah, Ila. Kereta ada di sana. Jom kita pergi,” kata Johny. Mereka berbual lagi.

“Kat sini awak akan bekerja sebagai pembantu rumah. Sebab tu awak kena jumpa dengan bakal bos awak. Kita akan ke situ dulu baru kita pergi ke rumah baru awak. Ok?” Ila hanya mengangguk. Tanpa mereka sedari sebuah kereta BMW hitam berhenti di hadapan mereka. Johny menawarkan air minuman. Pada mulanya Ila menolak, tetapi dengan kepanasan membahang di kota singa itu membuat Ila menukar fikiran dengan mudah. Dia meminum air jernih itu tanpa sebarang syak wasangka. Tiba-tiba, keseronokan berada di luar negara Malaysia bertukar menjadi kepenatan yang cuba menarik-narik kelopak matanya untuk terkatup. Ila terlelap dengan lenanya.



Ramai yang melihat dia

Bersama sepasang baju biru

Menanti penuh harapan

Di hadapan agam

Tengah-tengah pusat Bandar


Bersama baju itu

Dia akan mencoretkan kenangan

Akan melakarkan impian

Dalam rumah agam itu

Dia akan memerah keringat

Akan melipatgandakan usaha

Sehingga baju biru itu

Dipandang sekalian orang

Dengan penuh girang dan hormat


Pintu agam dibuka luas

Dan bersama baju biru itu

Dia melangkah

Laksana seorang pahlawan ke medan juang

Dan lenyaplah baju biru itu

Di telan keagungan rumah agam.

Fatini Zulkarnain                               14 Oktober 2010

Tuesday, March 1



Tepukan gemuruh bergema apabila Amir selesai menyanyikan lagu. Ramai orang berpusu-pusu ke arahnya semasa dia turun dari pentas. Mereka berebut-rebut mengambil gambar, autograf dan ada juga yang sekadar me’meriah’kan suasana. Melihat keadaan semakin tidak terkawal empat orang pengawal peribadi Amir yang besar dan sasa maju lalu mengiringi Amir. Erwin, pengurus Amir mendekati Amir sebaik sahaja pengawal peribadi melakukan tugas mereka.

“Hari ni dah habis. Pagi esok kau ada job kat Pulau Sentosa, lepas tu terus pergi ke Orchid Road. Jadi kau boleh balik awal sikit,” kata Erwin.

“Okey. Tapi aku pelik sikitlah Erwin,” Amir mengusulkan keanehan.

“Kenapa pulak?” Tanya Erwin.

“Aku rasa makin lama job untuk aku makin kuranglah,” kata Amir.

“Salah kau jugak. Siapa suruh kau demand sangat. Tak nak nyanyi lagu orang lain. Nak nyanyi lagu sendiri je. Tapi jangan kau risaukan sangat pasal tu. Aku kan ada. Aku akan carikan banyak job untuk kau nanti. Percayalah,” pujuk Erwin. Amir terus masuk ke dalam kereta dan berlalu dari situ. Meninggalkan Erwin yang tersenyum simpul ke arah kereta Amir. Setelah kereta itu menjauh, senyuman tadi terus mati. Digantikan dengan mimik wajah jengkel dan meluat.

Amir memberhentikan kereta di Hilton Hotel. Setelah mendaftar masuk, dia terus ke biliknya. Dia membuka peti ais dan meminum sebotol coke. Dia merasakan keletihan yang luar biasa. Amir terus terlelap sebaik sahaja badannya menyentuh tilam. Botol coke yang dipegang dibiarkan terbuka di atas meja.




Apa salah aku?

Dilayan begitu,

Kerana sakitku?

Sebab lukaku?

Atau gara-gara kedanaku?

Ceritakan padaku,

Usah terus bisu,

Aku ingin tahu.



Maafkan kami,

Bukan bermaksud melukai,

Apatah lagi diam diri,

Jangan terasa hati,

Disisih sebegini,

Bukan salah kami,

Harap Abang mengerti.


Mulut Mereka,

Tak mampu bicara,

Pabila Dia bertanya,

Kan terbongkar rahsia,

Kala masanya tiba,

Segala laku Mereka,

Hanya untuk Dia,

Terus menyambung nyawa.

Fatini Zulkarnain                               28 Febuari 2011

Saturday, February 26


When I wrote ‘I’, it doesn’t mean me. I got this from an old article I found in Mr.Net (If you understand what am I talking about). Today I wanna tell you a story about the Fan, the Singer, and the Manager. This story have 2 parts: the EPIC & the PLAN.


This great epic begin a long time ago in 2010 at Hot FM Big Jam. Fan got a chance to see Singer ‘face to face’. Fan give a postcard and a pen to Singer so he can signed it. When the pen was so, so… close to the postcard, Manager came to Singer and said that they need to go. Singer become ‘blurr’ (aku pun tak taw apo lah maknonye) and give the pen and the postcard back to Fan… WITHOUT SIGNING IT!!! Fan blame Manager for what had happen and Fan never got a chance to see Singer after that. Fan told me this story about a month ago. I remember what she said,

‘Demi dia, ku sanggup lakukan apa saja.’

So, I came up with this plan.


This plan had occurred in my head  three days ago. I wanna bring Fan to Singer so she can ask his autograph for the second time. So, I make a surprise for her. But, she can’t come with me to meet the Singer. Hey, that’s okay. I just keep the surprise until further notice. Then I went to meet Singer, (that I had met him more that three times, never see him sing yet this year) sign the surprise, met another stars there (he’s not the only star okay…) and went home. Tomorrow morning I will give it to her.

Why I make the surprise?

1. For me, asking autograph need to go with information. If you just sign a blank paper, what is it for? I had been in the situation when I asked autograph from all the member in a vocal group. Then, I and my friend arguing which sign refers to who (budak-budak lagi time tu). Can’t talk with my friend for weeks because of that.

2. Everything have it’s own sentimental value. Even a candy wrapper can give you sweet & sour memories. I just wanna make it meaningful to her (maybe next time).

And yeah, I just got the meaning of ‘shocking face’ everytime I showed singer’s CD cover to every singer I met ( yang ada album penuhlah. Album kompilasi dengan artis-artis baru lain + single 2-3 jer tak dilayan). It’s mean that they were touched on how keen you buy the album and bring it to them to be sign (ada jugak orang beli album aku time2 orang tengah gila download ni ye…). Seriously, I didn’t know that Shaheizy Sam will be there. If I know, I will bring the big poster of ‘KONGSI’ with me to Pavilion.  (-_- lll

P/S: I did not put the real name of Fan, Singer and Manager because I need to ‘jaga hati beberapa pihak’. But I ask him to sign an old news article about himself today at Pavilion. Opsss, the cat are out of the bag.   (^_^)

GOWWWIN’ UP!!!            

Thursday, February 24


I’m NOT a reporter, I’m NOT a journalist. So please don’t make my ‘Two Question In The Title Above’ confused you. For this post, I’m just a promoter that promote a product but did not paid for that. (She don’t care about the money. Sleeq, 2009  HAHAHA)


Hilang Punca: A Remix Project (Lost Cause: A Remix Project) is Imran Ajmain’s third album. All the song in this album had been taken and remixed (or shall I say refreshed) from his second album, Punca & Tindakan ( Cause & Reaction).

What make this album so special that make me want to write in here is he wanted to give this album FREE for everyone. By how?

He will upload one song from this album everyday starting 22 February 2011 until 1 March 2011. That’s right, all 8 songs in this album. He also had upload the cover of this album so that you can burn the song and print the cover and make the CD collection of your own (save budget, huh?).

Track lists:

1- Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang – RafiKoncept Remix

2- Selamat Ulang Tanuh Sayang – SpaceBar Remix

3- Yang Ku Perlu – Boonyi Remix

4- Jika Engkau Pergi – Acoustic

5- Jika Engkau Pergi – Saerah’s Cut

6- Jika Engkau Pergi – RafiKoncept Remix

7- Perjalanan – Maxlane Remix

8- (Elisya) Tak Mungkin – Young Remix

image  Artwork by Playpause

You can download this album straight from this blog:

for more information, please visit:

P/S: My favorite (until today): The 1st and the 3rd tracks. Can’t wait another 5 days.  (^_^)



Why you need to be somebody else? Because it will make you COOL? Make you popular? Don’t you tired put those ‘hypocrite’ mask around your face every time?

I know that you frustrated of what he did to you and want to take revenge but that is not your style. You too kind to do that. Believe me, if you put the same behavior as him, you will not be yourself anymore.

True, everyone makes mistake but that is not the excuse that you can make the same mistake. It just make your life more miserable.

Think wisely and be honest. If he the one who being an actor here, let him be. You don’t have to be actor like him too. You can be the viewer and judge him based on his acting skill. If you think he is a very good actor and a storyteller, just pull yourself out from the league.

I know that you scare to lose him but there is a time when you make a very right decision from a very messy problem and you don’t regret make the decision. Be brave. Everything have their risks.

But the most important thing, it’s in your hand. I only just can sit and listen. Giving my opinion while necessary. Enjoy your life and don’t make this lousy little thing destroying your happiness. You can make the different.

P/S: I just want to write. Sorry if my flying fingers make you can’t sit tight. HAPPY WONDERFUL DAY TO EVERYONE IN THE WORLD!!!


Wednesday, February 16


I just want to be a nice girl who  doing  her assignment  about  a  Bangsawan  script  and don’t wanna care  about  getting  the  Internet apart  today.  Sadly,  that  will not  gonna  happen.  Thanks  to  somebody  who  live  a  level  higher  than  me.

Story: I just want to rewrite  my  ‘Mentari Chenderawasih’ treatment from  my notebook to my  email  to send  to  my  lecturer. At our flat, we  got  WiFi  at  certain  place.  For  me,  my  Wifi  is  at the  window. Suddenly,  raining  occur.

But wait, it’s  not  raining. My neighbour  up there was hang her wet dresses  to be dried, without warning! Just imagine, if I leave my lappy here and did not notice about this. (worst case scenario).

So please. we share the same roof, the same sun, the same moon and the most important, the same air. Why we need to  be  selfish and destroying other people hope by being so selfish and greed? Plus, our house in this flat had been design as the same as another. In my house they have a place to hang the wet clothes at the back. I did not know what they put in their house. And, really, I did not wanna know.

Sorry to make  you read this babling ridiculous post. But hey, it’s a full moon right now! So round, so bright. Maybe you also need to look outside your window  and let nature entertain you.  (^_^)


P/S: Have problem with smoker. But I smell cigarette. Can’t… hold… on… much… longer…! I… Need… Air… HELP!!! 

Thursday, February 10


6 month ago I had downloaded a movie (thank you for the accessible torrent website, I don’t know how this one website ‘terlepas’ from administration eye’s) called ‘New York I Love You’. It’s a combination of a few of romantic short films by a lot of directors.


Different director, different kind of shots, story and style. You can choose which one is your favorite. Although this film less good then ‘Paris, I Love You’ (the original film), at least this film better than ‘Valentine’s Day’. I believe if this film got promotion as big as ‘Valentine’s Day’, it’s gonna be hit.

From the shorts in the movie, I like the one that directed by Joshua Marston. It’s about a husband and wife celebrating their 63rd anniversary at the beach. From their house to the beach they always nagging and babbling and criticizing each other. When they finally got to the beach, you can see how they show their love just for 30 seconds (thanks to the skateboarder that spoil all the mood).

I like this short because it’s cute in it’s own way. Seriously, they were cute when they babbling to each other. There was a scene in that short when they want to cross the street. The husband take a lot of time to cross it. He and his ‘ego’ face make me want to laugh but when I look at the wife, I can say that they will be separated in no time.

Well, I guess I was wrong. the memorable 30 seconds with no dialogue and less action really touch my heart. Actually this short want to show what happen in our daily live. We always think what we have isn’t good enough and there’s something that you can be mad about, but don’t make that one little ‘something’ make you forget how enjoyable and meaningful this life is.

Overall, this movie will not disappointing you. Just watch the movie, pick your favorite and tell to the world why you like it!

Last but not least, Natalie Portman act and direct in this movie. But she’s not acted in her own shorts. You know what I mean…


P/S: why I don’t like minus one.

a) they like to use the first song as minus one (there’s a lot of great songs in the album that they can turn to minus one).

b) looks like they don’t have much idea to create new songs nowadays…


Friday, February 4


FINALLY!!! After years and years of complaining. But it still a long journey to our local MusicCreator. And while waiting for this ‘Akta Digital’ to be ‘diluluskan’, I believe there’s a lot of people around the world (The WORLD, babeh…) still use the simple, free but ‘music industry-killing’ method to get their favorite songs. Even the singer himself *give a ‘WHAT!!!!’ look* (metaphor) if anyone show his cover album to be signed. (If you read every posts in my blog, you know…)

But I’m concern about this part in the article:

“Katanya, penjualan lagu secara digital seperti muat turun melalui internet dan nada dering melebihi daripada penjualan secara fizikal iaitu cakera padat (CD), malahan pada tahun 2014 nanti dijangkakan lebih 70 peratus penjualan lagu dibuat menerusi talian.”

Grande Problema! (for me-lah) It’s mean a lot of cd album will vanish, a bigger space for movie video ( I thought movie also facing the same problem), desperately needing Internet in life, and everyone must have PayPal(something that I can’t afford for about 5 or 10 ‘Years From Now’).

But hey, look at the bright side, ‘There’s no such thing as ‘free’ in this world’. You even need to pay 20 or 30 cent to use toilet. (Tak ada kena-mengena) You don’t need to suffering your ears listening to ‘The Worst Song Ever’ just because ‘The Greatest Song Ever’ is in the album too, and don’t have to waste your money, just buy what you want. It’s your money, not mine.

Back to the question, is the ‘Akta Digital’ necessary? YES! It’s really necessary. Just like everyone else, they need to be paid for their hard work. And downloading illegally will not make them richer. (are they?)

P/S: I love to find CD album, but I prefer to buy album with NO MINUS ONE. Why? Next time, next post.


@FazleyYaakob: Hati2 apabila men'tweet'kan kemarahan, kerana seringkali memperlihatkan kelemahan kita bukan kesalahan orang lain

And yeah, I finally deactivate my Twitter account. This app really make me feel like a professional stalker (who am I stalking?) Although I have a great time chatting with my favorite STAR (there’s a lot of artists that I had follow and followed me back. But this is not a grammar nor spelling error), the ‘feeling guilty to be a stalker’ thing really burden my heart right now and need to be stop! (can anybody change the fact that ‘stalking is wrong?’) 

Sunday, January 30


Ok, I really tired and want to zzz… but I can’t. Thanks to raining-all-day weather. At least I have another reason why I don’t have to buy an aircond if I buy a house one day.

So, to wasting my beauty sleep (beauty ker…) I view my blog. And I owe 2 story with you guys the BlogReader… (Agak Cool gak nama ni)

This adventure start last year. You can check back part 1 (How there’s part 2 if part 1 did not exist, right?)

There are the list where I go to find ClassiQ.

SPEEDY Sunway Pyramid: Nope.

Rock Corner Mid Valley: Nope.

Rock Corner The Gardens: Nope

Rock Corner KLCC: Nope

Rock Corner The Curve: Nope (Had been chased by a dog. Alhamdulillah still safe and one piece. Takot giler wooo…)

Rock Corner Subang Parade: Nope

Speedy Bangsar Village: Nope

Rock Corner Bangsar Village: Nope

Rock Corner SOGO: Nope (The store had been closed for good. Rock Corner need to change their plastic wrap.)

Pertama Kompleks (Forgot its name but I was very sure not Rock Corner. Rhythm Music maybe): Nope. But I found Dengan Secara Kebetulan. I really wanna buy it but he said he wanna give it to me. The salesgirl there suggest me to contact him. Well, how I’m gonna do that? I don’t have his number, we talk over Internet (sometime might takes months to reply. Doesn’t matter, he’s a very busy person. That time I did not know about a new thing called DM in Twitter.)

Rock Corner One Utama: Nope. But again, I found DSK. Still have no idea to buy DSK or Confession No 1. Just buy DSK. I don’t care anymore.

Two days later I got an email from him. He said that he had sent the album.

Okay. My friend was right.

‘Kalau dengan artis ni kau kena bersabar selama setahun. Kan dia selalu sibuk sayang…’

I waited. fortnight passed. I got another email asking me about the package. I said I didn’t get it.

Another week passed. The package still not in my hand. So I went to the nearest post office before I met him at Wangsa Maju. They asked about tracking number. I said that the package don’t have any tracking number. They said:

Itu masalah dik. Kitorang memang tak boleh buat apa-apa lagi dah. Tanpa number tracking, kitorang tak boleh trace package tu. Kalau hilang pun, hilang macam tu jelah.

And this is his answer:

‘then bukan rezeki kita dua. i sent out 6 on the same day, the other 5 all received it.’

Fine. Can do nothing about it.

(Hey! I had combined 2 stories in 1 post. And you know what happen next if you read )


@SyedAli_Shahab: "People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing." - Will Rogers


Friday, January 28


#HeroMalaya is just a group in Twitter. Yeah. No big deal…

You talk, HAHAHA and done.

But this Twitter group has make a big difference or I can say, HISTORY today. This 20 (more or less, Aznil Nawawi, Fazley Yaakob, Kamal Adli, Iqram Dinzly, Farish Aziz, Adi Fashla, Imran Ajmain, Aliff Satar, Zizan, Altimet, Zahid, Syafie Naswip, Riz Ainudin, Erry Putra, Maulana, Zoey Rahman, DJ NasT) member of this group working together in the charity event.

They doing charity work in Carrefour Wangsa Maju (Pergi tadi tak jumpa pintu masuk, balik tadi tak jumpa jalan keluar). Ok, they want to collect money to give to the fund or any association. Same lame old excuse.

Well, that part, I was WRONG!!! They collect money  to help their friend, Bob Kuman to proceeding  his surgery. And no one know about this, including Bob himself (except #HeroMalaya, of course). At least they know where the money will go after this.

I think this method is better than come to his house, listening to his sad and sorrow story, give money and hamper, and thank you.

I came a little bit late to the event. When I took my first step in there, the counter were crowded. Thanks to Twitter, (although I don’t have any BlackBerry like they do) #HeroMalaya change their working location to the counter. They was like having a competition ‘Who Will Have The Longest Line At The Counter’ with the sound of ‘wisel’ everywhere. (Memang havoc habislah). But they worth it because the value of their hard work for 3 hours there were…

And they did not take the money.

There are 3 unforgettable moments for me there. First, how shocked Aliff Satar when I showed the cover art of his album. Ok, he did not expect anybody will bring his album to be signed or bought his album. (I think I had mention earlier in this blog, I’m NOT anybody)


The other moment is I got two free CDs from Imran Ajmain. His first album, ‘Dengan Secara Kebetulan’ (DSK) with sign at the cover, the booklet and the CD and the Singaporean duo, Sleeq’s second album, ‘Classiq’, with their signs too. I also got a huge poster from him. (Berbaloi aku sesat)  :)


It’s mean I have 2 DSK album. I will tell you next time how hard plus scared I was while searching DSK and Classiq. (AT least dia tak pakai topi dalam gambar ni. Tetiba…)  :)

The last unforgettable moment is… I DON’T WANNA TELL YOU!!! That’s the most EMBARASSING situation. Huh, don’t wanna talk about it here. ARGHH!!!

Back to #HeroMalaya. I hope this noble work will be continue, if not for Bob, maybe for other unlucky artists. Make me remember of an actor that had play role as the eldest brother in one of Hot Fm raya song, ‘Rindu Yang Telah Pergi’. If I not mistaken, Akim, Black and AG sing that song. Last news I got from him was about he was sick and he got donation from an association (didn’t remember what association, KARYAWAN maybe). (kenapa pelik sangat ayat BI aku ni?) What happen to him now? I’ve tried to find him in Google but no luck (except the raya MTV video with no credit).  

For Bob Kuman, you very lucky to have these buddies with you. It’s really hard to get friends that willing to help you without asked to be paid nowadays. Good luck with your surgery and we hope that the good news will fly to the air, Abang Bob!!! 

Spread the LOVE to your friends in your pray and to anyone you see along the way…


@aznilnawawi: yang susah kita tolong, yang senang jangan sombong.

By the way…

Are they #HeroMalaya?   (^_^)


Wednesday, January 26


Inilah 'peti surat' yang Ambo kongsi dengan lebih seribu orang di sini. Tapi nama Ambo tak pernah ada kat sampul surat yang bertimbun tu.

Tuesday, January 25


About a year ago, I always check on the net (that time I have Mr.BB) I want to find song lyrics. There’s a lot of lyrics in the Net that have spelling error + word error. Very frustrating!!!

Time passes and the problem still become problem. Even my lecturer (Thank You AYAH! Love you!) give his blessing to copy paste the lyrics in the Internet for his assignment. How I wanna give my assignment to him if I did not satisfy with it?

So, thanks to Techno, I have made a blog (not a blogspot) that I put a song with it lyric. All the song I put in there was BOUGHT, not downloaded. It’s mean I have the CD, the cover art and of course, the lyric. I just put the song and write the lyric based from the cover art (although I know there were spelling error here & there. NOT MY FAULT!) in the blog and copy paste from there if my deadline is near. That’s how I have the lyric and the source. (Two most important things in the assignment). I’m such a GENIUS!!!

And yeah, I will not tell you the address of the blog. Find it yourself-lah bro… (^_^)

And now, need to think about my ‘Pancha Delima’ bangsawan script. Submit before this Friday. (Nak tengok Mak Yong kat KLCC! Nak membeli-belah sambil mencuci mata kat Carrefour Wangsa Maju!)

When I say ‘mencuci mata’, it’s mean ‘mencuci mata’… HAHAHA


@1SuccessMentor:"If you don't imagine, nothing ever happens at all."-John Green

That reminds me of the quote that been wrote at the big board in front of FACT (my faculty).

‘You need a dream to achieve it.”

Sadly, I forgot who said that. (Lalu depan board tu hari-hari kot. Sangat kurang sensitif)


Sunday, January 23


While listening to Jesse McCartney songs (sorry to say, but I downloaded them. His albums are Toooo expensive maaa!!!), my friend recommended me to Photoscape – a software that can change a picture to better one, or worst.

So, in the name of curiosity, I try using it. Kind of cool, can change pictures to anything you want. But sadly, one of my MASTERPIECE had gone. (I forgot to click ‘save’ button. MY FAULT!!!)

These are pictures that turned to THE WORST IMAGE OF ALL TIME!








 Hero Malaya Resize

Very The Hancusss!!! I really don’t have The Magic Touch.

(Need to get rid of the software A.S.A.P)


@amirmu:Kata-kata ringkas ialah kepetahan yang paling mempesona. - Cicero, lebih 2,000 tahun sebelum wujudnya Twitter.


Saturday, January 22

Terima kasih. Thank You. Toce. Nandren. SYUKRAN. Arigatou….. Hait!!!!

Today I’m out again. (Did you know they have create a new word called TIRED?) Like always, I want to find a CD. And today I wanted to find ‘Syukran’ album by Hafiz Hamidun.

I found it easily and without any problem (thanks to Iqram Dinzly for the ‘kap ba ro kap alif ta nun’ ;) hehe). I found it at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

And here’s a thing. When I get into the SPEEDY Video at Ikano Mutiara Damansara, I found ‘Fantastik’ album by Fabulous Cat. That’s one of the CD that I put in my WANTED list because first, it’s have Papa Jahat and second, the voice of Alyah, the popular female singer when she was in that group is there.

A little thing about me. I always bring MYR 50 if I want to go out. (The sum will be bigger if I need to buy groceries). So I need to choose between Mr. Hafiz Hamidun OR Mr. Cat. Lastly, after half an hour thinking (The employer watching me with his bored eyes. Like I care. HAHA), I buy ‘Syukran’ but next week (maybe Friday, in God willing), I will went back there and buy ‘Fantastik’. Just hold on, okey?

Another thing that bother me is I’ve been to a lot of CD store but my eyes still can’t detect this 2 CD: ‘Hafiz Hamidun’ by Hafiz Hamidun (2006 or 2007) and ‘Aiman’ by Aiman (2009). Both album had been produced by Arteffects Production. I want to find both album because I like the album a lot more than ‘Syukran’ (sorry, but that’s the truth). In that album has a lot of nice song to my ears like ‘Bilakan Damai’(When The Peace Will Come) , ‘Cerita Hati’ (Story From My Heart), ‘Cinta Ke Syurga’ (Love to Heaven) (my favorite song) and a lot more.

And ‘Aiman’ album, I like his voice since ‘Akademi Nasyid’, plus, there are a lot of his fans here that did not get his album. One of my sister said to me,

“I went to the CD store and ask about ‘Aiman’ album. They showed me ‘Ae-man’ (nasyid kid group album).”

And also, one of his song was NEVER been heard at the radio, but become my favorite that is ‘Teman Biasa’ (A Regular Friend).

I still remember between 2006 or 2007, I found ‘Hafiz Hamidun’ album in Mydin Market Dungun. But not CD, it’s in cassette form (very oldskool. I like…). I wanted to buy it but my financial manager a.k.a my mother did not give the permission. Still frustrated until now.

Okey, that’s all. Rajin-rajinlah membaca ya…   (^_^)

P/S: Did I mention I want to ELIMINATE all my song that I download illegally? To support local music industry. Thanks to ‘Hapuskan Cetak Rompak’ campaign that I attend last year. (Like Imran Ajmain said, ‘Korang download, korang bluetooth, korang dapat lagu tapi kitorang dapat apa?’ My brain said, “dapat promosi free.” HEHEHE. Sorry Mr Ajmain. Just kidding)


@aliaphelion: One African waiter came up to me and said I looked like a famous ‘charcoal artist’ from his homeland. Bahahaha!

GOWWIN’ UP!!!   

Hafiz Hamidun 1st album.

Thursday, January 20

Ku Chase Shadow Mu In Dream Ku

Hari ini Ambo begitu rindu untuk berbahasa Melayu. Minta maaflah kalau ada beberapa pelawat catatan Ambo tak faham bahasa yang Anbo gunakan. Ambo rajin melihat statistik berapa ramai yang telah membuka blog Ambo. Ribuan terima kasih yang tak terhingga kerana sudi menjenguk catatan Ambo yang kadang kala terkeluar landasan dan kadang kala mengelirukan. Maklumlah, Bahasa Inggeris Ambo sangatlah lemahnya…

Adalah satu hari Ambo masukkan satu lirik lagu yang memang Ambo minat sejak pertama kali mendengar lagu tersebut ke dalam blog ini. Tiba-tiba kawan sebelah Ambo bukalah blog catatan Ambo. Automatiknya keluarlah satu pertanyaan dari Google Chrome.

“This webpage is in Indonesian. Would you like to translate it in English?”

Kawan Ambo pun tekan ‘translate’ (tak tahulah kenapa dia buat macam tu). Tapi lepas sahaja lirik lagu itu ditukar bahasanya, lirik lagu cinta itu telah bertukar menjadi lirik lagu humor. Nak bagi contoh di sini pun agak susah sebenarnya.

Tapi sejak itu setiap kali kawan Ambo buka blog Ambo, pertanyaan itu tak pernah muncul lagi. Entah apa yang Ambo dah buat. Dulu rasa rimas dapat soalan yang sama. Sekarang rasa macam nak buat lagi. Kelakar punya pasal.

Kalau kalian berpeluang masuk blog Ambo melalui Google Chrome dan pertanyaan itu keluar, jangan segan-segan tekan perkataan ‘translate’. Bukan semua perkataan mampu di tukar bahasanya.

Ambo nak bercerita panjang lagi sebenarnya tapi kesian pulak pada mata kalian. Tak apalah. Selagi dapat unlimited wireless (ada beberapa webpage yang di’access denied’kan. Contoh terbaik: TORRENT) selagi itu Ambo takkan berhenti mencatat dan mencatit dan menulis dan mengarang dan menaip dan yang sama spesis dengannya.  

Oh ya, kalau kalian perasan sejak akhir-akhir ini Ambo selalu masukkan gambar dalam blog ini. Hal ini kerana (sekali macam tulis esei SPM da…) Ambo sedang membatakkan diri dengan telefon bimbit Sony Ericsson Ambo. Memang lepas ni akan ada banyak lagi gambar yang entah apa-apa entah. (^_^)

Okey, Ambo berhenti menaip sekarang. Tapi sebelum itu,


@ImranAjmain: “In order to succeed, you must first be willing to fail.” Anonymous.

And I totally agree with IT. (Ok, dah English balik)


Tuesday, January 18


This is live. He at the next room. And that room FULLY LOADED!


Lucky me! I capture the most bright moon I've ever seen. Even the moonlight can get in my picture. SubhanAllah! :-)

Sunday, January 16


It's showtime for part 1 Faculty of Artistic and Creative Technology from all courses.

Thursday, January 13


Can’t open Facebook, can’t open Twitter, can’t open Youtube, can’t open Tumblr.

Can open Yahoo!, can open Google, can open Blogspot, can open Wikipedia.

I have a lot to do when I’m connected with Internet but (as always) I forgot. So, while I got wireless in my house for another 4-5 months, better rip the Internet apart when you still got the chance. (^_^)

In Great Literature class, our lecturer showed a lot of books. From that lots and lots of books, I only have read one of them.

And when she asked if anyone had read any of these books, I’m the only person that put my hand in the air. I don’t know if they were ashamed or they’re really not interested in reading.

For me, reading is everything. Even you want to go somewhere, you need to read the signboard.

And if the statistic still say that Malaysians’ read only one book per year, it’s mean I’m not Malaysian. Okey, what am I? A READING ROBOT??? Hahaha (^_^)

Well, I’m glade that I’m a readLOVER (I called myself that instead of book lover because I like to read ANYTHING. Not just books, I love to read pamphlets, and even signboard and lecture notes and textbooks). Last year, my ‘Critics And Critical Thinking’ lecturer give his whole class a bunch of notes. The notes contain something about Sigmund Freud and his three stage psychology method. Well, I have ‘Psychology’ class this semester. (And every girl keep talking about how handsome he is, BUT I’m not every girl)


@IqramDinzly: Sedar janggut secuit, sedar misai jarang-jarang. RT @fadzmel: @IqramDinzly elelelelelelele. Sedar ruang sedar diri sedar mata sedar bulu.


Saturday, January 8


There’s a lot of thing I want to feel grateful about. From my first breath on Earth until now, His blessings never stop and never less. He advised me in unforgettable way.

I want to remember Him always. (^_^)

Yesterday I met Ima and AJ (my friends) at Giant Seksyen 13 bustop. They just came back from KL after went to Seremban and Melaka. Ima asked me the same question. So, I told her about my journey to Cineleisure from KLCC. Then she told me,

“You must be very disappointed because you can’t see him perform there…”

The truth is, I don’t. After I know that event need to register first, (how I wish I need a phone that can open FB 247) I felt relief. That time I realize that I like him, but I like to travel more. When I said about travel, it’s not about going oversea by flight or in luxurious way, than be a tourist. It’s more like you know that place by someone else (in my case, Facebook), use Google Maps, take buses and LRTs like you have been to that place thousand times and WALLAH!

It’s wasting time, I know. And KRAZZY!!! But I only have a year to be KRAZZY. And the assignments that will become thicker and thicker every week make my time moves very fast.     

It’s wasting money, well, it’s quite true, for some of us. Thanks to my father, buses are my second cars.HEHEHE (^_^)

Need to go. ‘Melodi’ on air now.


Wednesday, January 5


I like to buy ‘Metro Ahad’ every Sunday. (Dah namanya Metro Ahad, takkan keluar hari Isnin pulak…) I think the sensitive issue and hotly spoken will be reviewed in that paper.

One day, I read an article about a film called ‘Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole’. They want to give free tickets for lucky winners.

I tried my luck and I’m one of the LUCKY WINNERS. I need to go 20th Century Fox Office to grab the tickets.

A little bit of hard because that time I was in my hometown back at Terengganu. (A LITTLE BIT!!! Banyak ahh…) Thanks to my understanding father, he give me permission to go to Kuala Lumpur earlier than usual. (Honesty is the best policy)

The company will closed at 5.00 pm but I reached KL Sentral 4.30 pm. I have no other option, need to take a CAB.

I need to pay RM 30 for one way. (Giler cekik darah drebar tu… Aku naik bas FREE jer kot) We need to go around at the same place for many times to find the company. The best part is, they put their signboard INSIDE THE BUILDING INSTEAD OF OUTSIDE. (Siapa nak tengok signboard dorang dalam bangunan tu?)

But the best thing is, the employer there were really concern about me and willing to wait for me until I came. I reached the company about 5.30 pm.

And the cab driver willing to take me back to KL Sentral for RM 50. (Dok leh wak gappo lah.)

Although I got the ticket for free, that ticket worth RM 90++. That’s why I still keep the ticket with me. :)

And yeah, I must go to Tropicana City Mall to watch the movie. (WHAT???! Kat mana tu?)

To be continued…


@ImranAjmain: Kalau orang belum buat, kita buat. Kalau orang dah buat, kita buat lagi baik. Kalau orang tak nak buat, biar kita buat sendiri!