Thursday, September 23

Diary of A Wimpy Kid


Diary of A Wimpy Kid is kind of a good story I have ever read. I bought it just for RM18 at a bundle book booth at front of the KL Monorail. But poorly, I can’t find that booth after the road at KL Sentral had become one way road. Huhu… It's not just an ordinary diary, or can I say, JURNAL. It will make you laugh and sometimes keep your mind thinking about your best friend that hurts because of you. Well, you can find this book at MPH, but my suggestion, just read it there because it cost more than RM18 at MPH bookstore.

P/S: Still want to find a Malay book called ‘Manikam Kalbu’ by Faisal Tehrani a product of DBP( Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka). If anyone have information about where to get this book please make me know.