Wednesday, June 29


This week like ‘Living With My Memory’ week. Although I’m not alone or sorrow or whatever but the image of my secondary school’s badge always appear in my head (sometimes, in my dream). To tell the  truth, it’s my nightmare.

I have a bunch of bad past time that I really can’t remember but still hard to forget. It’s last week lecture that I realize why I should keep and throw it away if I can keep and share it. Well, not straight to the point but at least I know there’s someone out there sharing the same ‘story’ as I am.

When I was 17, I’m a very low-profile prefect. I’m good in debating on stage in English and one of my teacher want me to be one of the Malay debate group. I’m happy to join, so I’m waiting for the audition.

Three months I waited. And lastly I had been informed that the teacher had pick the participants for the group. I asked the teacher what’s happening and she said that she had held an audition. The best part is, my classmates know about the audition and they never told me about it. From that moment, I realize that they are good in keeping secrets. ESPECIALLY FROM ME.

Maybe it’s my fault too. I just waited without seeing or asking the teacher. It’s look like I don’t have the eager to join the group. And being a classmate doesn’t mean you have friends. I need to learn it the hard way.

GOWWWIN’ UP!!!          

Saturday, June 25



I never thought that I will have this opportunity. When I got it, there are a lot of sacrifices need to be done. My time, my routine and stuff. Almost my night and day had been full with something that I need to do to others (it will help myself in the future).

I love to write, and I’m a krazzy reader. But when both of them had become my number one priority it become no fun anymore. The idea of making imagination become reality on papers had changed to making everyone know what was really happening in this world literally. And now I need to pick which one I need to read out loud or need to read quiet and secretly.

But it doesn’t mean that I will give up everything I choose. I just need to find the passion, the same passion I got since primary school. The hope that everything will better in the end. (^_^)

Woah! It’s been a while I didn’t write here and that’s all I can say for now.