Tuesday, November 30


Welcoming December with joy. No more sad faces, no more emo words. (^_^)

I love December. There a lot of stuffs that will happen to me in this month.


My little brother birthday – 09 Dec



My last sem result will out – 10 Dec

3. Last and the BEST

MY BIRTHDAY!!! – 26 Dec

So, anybody who DID NOT WISH me really got themselves into troubles. (What happen to NO EMO WORDS?)


Tweet For Today:

@faliqfahmie: Pot Amir calling the kettle Black Mentor.


Wednesday, November 24


In my older post, I have told you about Planet Radio 2010.

That day, they open a booth that can record our voice. Just like a real DJ.

And today, they posted it.

You all can hear my DJ voice at this link:


Not as good as the real DJ, but hey! Saya dah ada pengalaman berada dalam konti. (^_^)

One more thing, last night I watched Hip TV about ‘Artis Import Pilihan Hip TV’ and Imran Ajmain at No.6. Congratulations!!!

One thing that make me want to laugh last night was when they roll Imran’s VT, the name below did not showed ‘IMRAN’ but ‘KUMAN’.

Cindy, one of my younger sister found that error and asked me,

“Hey, is that the person who sing ‘Seribu Tahun’?”


“When he changed his name?”

I just said:


But I kind of agree with Richie Rachman. Imran is so big and so tall. This make me wonder between him and Aliff Aziz, who’s taller? (I never met Aliff Aziz yet. Maybe one day I will.)

Berdiri tak sama tinggi

The best thing about Imran:

He’s so… friendly! I just went to his show twice but he remember me. (^_^)

And 3 words from his e-mail to me that make  me stuck with his songs,


And I’m still waiting the album that he said he want to send it to me. (OPSSS!!! No one read my blog right?)

For Ahmad Imranullah bin Ahmad Husaini Ajmain (I hope I spell the name correctly),

‘Biarlah No.6 tapi zero Skandal, Gosip & Kotroversi daripada No.1 tapi…(“Lu Pikirlah Sendiri,” bak kata Nabil).

Kurangkan Segala Kontroversi, Tingkatkan Segala Prestasi!!! ( Sekali kuar pulak ayat fofular Fafau ngan Wahid)

P/S: This is my last post for this month. See you again in DECEMBER. (Again, no one read my blog, right?)


Tuesday, November 23


Before I get back to my hometown, I grab a chance to talk with my classmate/ co-worker, Doddy.

Doddy: Do you know who teach ‘'Penulisan Lirik Lagu’ subject next sem?

Me: No idea. Who?

Doddy: Ayah AG, of course.

Me: Really?! Well, we were just making lyrics, right?

Doddy: Nope, we also need to make the music.

Me: WHAT!!! How can he do that? We are Artistic Writing, not Music students.

Doddy: Haloo… We were talking about Ayah AG here.


1. I have NO music background.

2. I NEVER touch any musical instrument since I was born.

3. I’m a very BAD singer. Very, very BAD.


But yesterday, I made a tune.

sound catchy (for me).

But I can’t put it here. I don’t know how. (SORRY…)

Now I’m ready for ‘Penulisan Lirik Lagu’ subject.


Sunday, November 21


Last night, while I was watching ‘Bangku Kosong’ (The Empty Chair) on TV9, my mom give me an exercise book.

And this what I saw.

DSC02137 I asked her.

“Who made this?”

My mom just show me with her eyes, my cute little Princess that was sleeping at the couch.

I felt appreciated. From 9 faces that she saw everyday, (my dad in KL now, so there are 8 faces) she draw mine.

But I believe when she become 16 or 26, she will forget about this.

So, I just post it in my blog. Who know when I’m gone and blog become old-school in the future, at least she know that I really love her and her creative fingers.

Thank You So Much, Princess. :)


Friday, November 19


Last Saturday, (seven days ago), I had been invited to a program. It’s more like a talk. I was so happy because only 200 persons can join the program and I was one of them.

But the problem is, I don’t know how to go to the event. Luckily, they give a map.




So, I decided to bring the map with me. And guess what? I CAN’T FIND THE CAMPUS!

First of all, Sunway Pyramid have no four junction at the right side. You can find the junction after you passed a couple blocks of business building and a housing area. (Where I lost my matrix card (-_-lll. )

One more thing, they did not mention there was a ‘jejantas’ near the Sunway Toll. You know how GLAD I am seeing the ‘jejantas’? (FYI, I went there by 2 buses and my feet. No car included.)

I tried to ask the direction from the people around. A Chinese girl said,

“There were no such campus here. I think you lost.”

That was really make my heart broken to pieces.

So, I just walking and walking and keep asking people the place of the event.

Lucky me, there was an Indian auntie know where the campus is. I’m in the right path. (Segala Puji Bagi Allah…)

I found the campus. But I don’t know how to get inside it. The gate was shut and there were sounds of construction everywhere.

So, with a big smile out from my face, I asking an Indian guard not far from there.

“You need to walk around the gate and fences-lah. Then you will see a lot of car. There was a little gate at the car park. You can get inside the campus using the gate.”

I did what I’ve been told. And FINALLY… I’m in the campus. FUHHH…

My last journey, need to find the right building in the campus. They did not tell me specifically which building in the campus. So, I just went into the first building I see. Another four leaves clover, that’s the place they done the event. (And another Segala Puji Bagi Allah…)

Well, this is the event I was talked about.



Planet Radio 2010 (That had been wrote at the map). The event was really COOL, HAPPENING and UNFORGETTABLE. Jeremy, Ean, and Phat Fabes were SUPERB!!! At least I know DJ is not the only job in the radio industry.

If they want to do it next year, I will joined it again, with a proper map, please….


Wednesday, November 17


First thing that come out from Princess’s cute mouth after she saw me at home was:

“Have you found Maher Zain in Kuala Lumpur?”

I said to her,

“Nope, I don’t know who he is.”

And Princess start talking A to Z about Maher Zain. I kept wondering how a six years old little girl know about him and I didn’t.

Yesterday, around 6.00 or 6.30 p.m at TV9, a show called ‘Maher Zain : INSYAALLAH’ was on. Princess stay still in front of the TV with her bright eyes.

But, sad for her, my mother wanted her to take her bath. 6.30 p.m over here is ‘senjakala’ time.

My mother shut the TV off and forced her to go to bath. She did everything she could to make her mother changed her mind. Making cute faces, begging, smiling, lurking, a lot of stuff.

My mother’s heart as hard as stone during ‘senjakala’. So those tricks did not work out.

Princess just came to me and said, “I had waited a long time to watch that show. Why this life is so unfair?”

For me, the one should be blame was the TV channel. If they change one of the cartoon slot with ‘Maher Zain’ show just for Aidil Adha, Princess will be pleased.

I feel like  I want to buy her the album but how she can listening to it? We don’t have CD player at home. And there are only two person that have lappy right now. Me and my sister. But, I in Shah Alam while my sister in Dungun. How Princess will listen to  the album if I bought her that?

I see a lot of Maher Zain album at the video store. But I don’t have any feeling to buy it. Maybe because there are still a lot of his album out there. No adventure. HAHAHA

Maybe when this Maher Zain’s time is over or become less spoken, that will be a good time for me to listen to his  messages in the album.   

Okey, Princess needing help to get ready to ‘balik kampung’. That is my job. Helping people. Especially my little Princess. Got to go.


Tuesday, November 16


When I was a little girl, I love to go to my hometown in Besut, Terengganu. Specifically at Kampung Padang Tapong.

It’s a one-floor house. Lower floor was made from cement and upper floor was made from wood.

In Besut, there are always have big flood every year. So, when the water level in the river were rising, the lower floor will be our ‘pool’. We kept swimming in the ‘pool’ until the flood were over.

Everything change after my grandpa and grandma died. The house was bought by my grandpa and now it’s belong to my uncle.

The problem is my grandpa bought it without ‘geran tanah’ and someone who sell it to my grandpa was passed away years ago. My auntie, who live next door to the house, wanted to combine the house with her pink little house. My uncle did not want to take the deal. I don’t know why.

After that, we never went back to the house. I keep thinking, what will happen to the house.

Will the house fall to the ground without anyone taking care of it? I really love that house. That is why I have this crazy idea in my mind.

I have thinking about a reality show that really kept the ‘raya’ memories to the house.

The concept are simple. All they have to do was clean the house like they always do in ‘Hari Raya’ at their own village. Not only that, they also can create ‘pelita buluh’, ‘dodol’, or even can create their own ‘marhaban’ group if they want to. I don’t want this show to be a competition because it is about giving, taking and charity.

I got the ‘marhaban’ idea from a column called ‘Borak Pak Nil’ a few months ago. He really wanted to join the ‘marhaban’ group. How he himself join the community walking from house to house and recite ‘takbir’. 

Well, I don’t think this idea was great because of the problem that I told you above. And, who want to leave their village to go to this show?

Someone who don’t have their own village.

Or their village were actually a big city.

That just an idea to help the house stay still for a very long time.

I don’t have the photo of the house right now. But once I got it, I will put it in my blog.


‘Tangan Yang memberi Lebih Baik Dari Tangan Yang Menerima’.


Monday, November 15


First I saw this book were from a dokudrama show for Hari Raya with the same title.

The show tell you about a little girl called Dani. She don’t like to wear baju kurung.

On the first day of Hari Raya, she was wearing a white gown. Her mother advice her to wear baju kurung but she did not want to. She just sat outside her house then suddenly she travel through time when the baju kurung was created.

Lastly, she back to the present and change her outfit.

It’s a short summary because I don’t want to talk about the dokudrama. After I see the book cover from that show, I think I really need to read it.

So, my adventure begin.

First, I went to Giant Shah Alam. MPH bookstore. That book was not there.

After that, I went to Sunway Pyramid. Popular Bookstore. Don’t have any. MPH Bookstore, as same as Popular.

Next trip, PKNS Shah Alam. There are about two bookstore there. No luck, they never knew the book exist.

Then, I went to SACC Mall. I don’t know if there is another bookstore there except MPH. Well, MPH don’t have the book but have another book with the same author.

Next trip, Plaza Alam Sentral. One bookstore. Not there.

After that, Mid Valley Megamall. MPH Bookstore. They don’t have the book although the place was very,very big. (-_-lll

Lastly, KLCC of course. Kinokuniya Bookstore. First thing I do after I get into the bookstore was I passed the self inquiry check (that I really need that machine that time), went to the Malay Literature section and standing in front of the shelf. Finally… I GOT IT!

FYI, that was the last copy available there.

After I bought that book, it keeps coming to me.

‘What I want to buy next time?’

Before I forgotten, this is the book that making me tired but relief.

Yup, yup. ‘Manikam Kalbu’ by Faisal Tehrani.

In conclusion, if I want to buy something that very, very hard to get, KLCC is the answer. If not, my next adventure will began…


I don’t have idea right now. It is because every book that i want are very easy to get. But maybe I will find this book.


Why don’t you give me  idea. Well, two head are better then one, right?


Sunday, November 14

Girlz talk about ‘Punca dan Tindakan’


The first song was played.

She just come into the office.

“Hi, is that the new album that you buy?”


Second song was played.

Third song was played.

Fourth song was played.

Fifth song was played.

She put her hands in the air and start dancing.

“Excuse me, but do you just start to dance?”

“I think.”


“This song have great bit. I feel like want to dance listening to this one.”

Sixth song was played.

“There is something wrong with this song. I don’t know what, but i have no feeling listening to this one.”

Seventh song was played.

“He had a very beautiful voice but why this album had a lot of sad and slow songs? It’s really killing me right now.”

“I know you like the screaming, noising music. But for me the slow give me the calm and the rock song in the album not giving headache to me.”

Eighth song was played.

Ninth song was played.

“This song was really good. The sound of piano at the beginning are the best. Do he take this song from other musician and improvise it?”

“Nope, he make this song.”

“You must be kidding.”

I showed her the cover art and showed the composer of the song.

“Okay, I thought he only improvise old songs.”

Minus one of the second song in the album was played.

“Not again. This song really make me miss my bed right now.”

All the song was played.

“Hey, can I get the ninth song? I can’t stop the sound of piano in my head. But before that….”

She showed her CD that he had burn just now and change the CD. 

Girlz Talk About ‘It’s Aliff’s Time’

"My friend, would you mind if I play a CD instead of listening to the radio all the time?”

“Yes, of course. What CD?”

“Who is Aliff Aziz?”

BANG! no.1.

He is the MOST famous bachelor of all time.

“You know nothing about Aliff Aziz?”


BANG!! no.2.

If any girl at our age know nothing about him, it’s mean she is COOL.

“… But I think he kind of cute…”

BANG!!! NO. 3.

She must be kidding me. What about her hubby-to-be, Gact?

“Well, not as cute as Gact, this guy need to do a lot of effort to be like my Gact.”

Fuhh… and she’s back to normal.

The first song was played, she said,

“His voice was good. He can go more further in industry.”

The second song was played, she said,

“Why this song sound as same the first one?”

The third song was played, she grab the CD’s cover art and read the title of every songs in the CD.

“Poor him.”


“He got amazing voice, cute face but the song that given to him, it’s all love song, except this track.”

The forth song was played.

“The simplest lyric in the album I guess.”

The fifth song was played,

“See? Did I tell you? It’s all about love. Why??? This is another talent to waste. I feel bad for you Aliff Aziz.”

The sixth song was played,

“This song was very slow~~~”

“Well, this song come from a chinese song. He sang it in Malay. Like what he did to Tong Hua, if I’m not mistaken.”

“WHAT??? He sang Tong Hua in Malay?”

“Yes, and look like everyone enjoyed it.”

She start mumbling the sound of Tong Hua, I start mumbling of Cinta Ajuna.

“Stop it. I really can’t imagine the worst part when you sang it in Malay. Why???

The seven song was played. If she did not like this song, I will put a dozen of stinky socks into her throat. (I think you will do something if someone said really bad things about your favorite song in the album.)

“This song was good. Wait, I want to hear the chores.”

You are safe, my friend.

“Yes, this song is unique. Different from other songs he was sang just now.”

“I buy this album because of this song. Just this song.”

“Why you need to wasting your money?”

“You can think it as a appreciation to everyone who make this song included in this album.”

The last song was played. It just minus one from the first track.

“This song have no feeling in it. It’s a common song nowadays. No need to be minus one. The seventh track deserve the minus one type.”

All the song was played.

“Will you change the CD to radio? I’m deadly bored over here.”

Thursday, November 11

My Adventure for an album.




I don’t really care what they want to label those album. All I know that I want them. What is happening to me?

Again, What is happening to me?

Everyone waiting their favorite star’s latest album in store but me? Searching my favorite singer’s cd album from the debut, repackage and now, his new album (2009 release) is in my hand.

You don’t know how determine I was while searching this album.

This adventure begin after I emailed someone that told me that he had the CD. But, no respond from him after I give him my address.

So, I went outing. I went to PKNS in Shah Alam. There are about two CD store there. No luck on me that time, they don’t have the album.

Next trip, SACC Mall, also in Shah Alam. They only have one CD store. His album was sold out years ago.

Then, I went to Plaza Alam Sentral. I just got into one CD store there. Sold out.

Next destination, Time Square. It have three video store there. Two sold out, one selling Chinese and International material only. (-_-lll

Then, Mid Valley Megamall. I just searched at one video store. Same as others, sold out.

Finally, my adventure end at KLCC. Two video store had been ripped apart (sort of). One, sold out.

My last store that I searched the album was at Rock Corner. At first I don’t want to go there because of the name, ‘Rock Corner’. Do they really selling rock album only or not? Never mind, just give it a shot.

A very sportingly nice salesgirl asked me. I just told her what I want and ZAPP! She took me to the back and help me find the album that I wanted. And… I GOT IT!

I really wanted to scream at that time. But I keep it to my friend’s ears.

After I bought it, I felt a big relief with a hole was created inside me. What am I going to find after this?

I bet you really curious about the album that really make me going places. Ok, let the cat out of the bag now!



Yes, Imran Ajmain’s second album, Punca dan Tindakan.

Now, next time I want to buy something hard to get, I choose KLCC. If they are not there, well, the next adventure will began…







But for now, MAKING MONEY!!!