Sunday, January 30


Ok, I really tired and want to zzz… but I can’t. Thanks to raining-all-day weather. At least I have another reason why I don’t have to buy an aircond if I buy a house one day.

So, to wasting my beauty sleep (beauty ker…) I view my blog. And I owe 2 story with you guys the BlogReader… (Agak Cool gak nama ni)

This adventure start last year. You can check back part 1 (How there’s part 2 if part 1 did not exist, right?)

There are the list where I go to find ClassiQ.

SPEEDY Sunway Pyramid: Nope.

Rock Corner Mid Valley: Nope.

Rock Corner The Gardens: Nope

Rock Corner KLCC: Nope

Rock Corner The Curve: Nope (Had been chased by a dog. Alhamdulillah still safe and one piece. Takot giler wooo…)

Rock Corner Subang Parade: Nope

Speedy Bangsar Village: Nope

Rock Corner Bangsar Village: Nope

Rock Corner SOGO: Nope (The store had been closed for good. Rock Corner need to change their plastic wrap.)

Pertama Kompleks (Forgot its name but I was very sure not Rock Corner. Rhythm Music maybe): Nope. But I found Dengan Secara Kebetulan. I really wanna buy it but he said he wanna give it to me. The salesgirl there suggest me to contact him. Well, how I’m gonna do that? I don’t have his number, we talk over Internet (sometime might takes months to reply. Doesn’t matter, he’s a very busy person. That time I did not know about a new thing called DM in Twitter.)

Rock Corner One Utama: Nope. But again, I found DSK. Still have no idea to buy DSK or Confession No 1. Just buy DSK. I don’t care anymore.

Two days later I got an email from him. He said that he had sent the album.

Okay. My friend was right.

‘Kalau dengan artis ni kau kena bersabar selama setahun. Kan dia selalu sibuk sayang…’

I waited. fortnight passed. I got another email asking me about the package. I said I didn’t get it.

Another week passed. The package still not in my hand. So I went to the nearest post office before I met him at Wangsa Maju. They asked about tracking number. I said that the package don’t have any tracking number. They said:

Itu masalah dik. Kitorang memang tak boleh buat apa-apa lagi dah. Tanpa number tracking, kitorang tak boleh trace package tu. Kalau hilang pun, hilang macam tu jelah.

And this is his answer:

‘then bukan rezeki kita dua. i sent out 6 on the same day, the other 5 all received it.’

Fine. Can do nothing about it.

(Hey! I had combined 2 stories in 1 post. And you know what happen next if you read )


@SyedAli_Shahab: "People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing." - Will Rogers


Friday, January 28


#HeroMalaya is just a group in Twitter. Yeah. No big deal…

You talk, HAHAHA and done.

But this Twitter group has make a big difference or I can say, HISTORY today. This 20 (more or less, Aznil Nawawi, Fazley Yaakob, Kamal Adli, Iqram Dinzly, Farish Aziz, Adi Fashla, Imran Ajmain, Aliff Satar, Zizan, Altimet, Zahid, Syafie Naswip, Riz Ainudin, Erry Putra, Maulana, Zoey Rahman, DJ NasT) member of this group working together in the charity event.

They doing charity work in Carrefour Wangsa Maju (Pergi tadi tak jumpa pintu masuk, balik tadi tak jumpa jalan keluar). Ok, they want to collect money to give to the fund or any association. Same lame old excuse.

Well, that part, I was WRONG!!! They collect money  to help their friend, Bob Kuman to proceeding  his surgery. And no one know about this, including Bob himself (except #HeroMalaya, of course). At least they know where the money will go after this.

I think this method is better than come to his house, listening to his sad and sorrow story, give money and hamper, and thank you.

I came a little bit late to the event. When I took my first step in there, the counter were crowded. Thanks to Twitter, (although I don’t have any BlackBerry like they do) #HeroMalaya change their working location to the counter. They was like having a competition ‘Who Will Have The Longest Line At The Counter’ with the sound of ‘wisel’ everywhere. (Memang havoc habislah). But they worth it because the value of their hard work for 3 hours there were…

And they did not take the money.

There are 3 unforgettable moments for me there. First, how shocked Aliff Satar when I showed the cover art of his album. Ok, he did not expect anybody will bring his album to be signed or bought his album. (I think I had mention earlier in this blog, I’m NOT anybody)


The other moment is I got two free CDs from Imran Ajmain. His first album, ‘Dengan Secara Kebetulan’ (DSK) with sign at the cover, the booklet and the CD and the Singaporean duo, Sleeq’s second album, ‘Classiq’, with their signs too. I also got a huge poster from him. (Berbaloi aku sesat)  :)


It’s mean I have 2 DSK album. I will tell you next time how hard plus scared I was while searching DSK and Classiq. (AT least dia tak pakai topi dalam gambar ni. Tetiba…)  :)

The last unforgettable moment is… I DON’T WANNA TELL YOU!!! That’s the most EMBARASSING situation. Huh, don’t wanna talk about it here. ARGHH!!!

Back to #HeroMalaya. I hope this noble work will be continue, if not for Bob, maybe for other unlucky artists. Make me remember of an actor that had play role as the eldest brother in one of Hot Fm raya song, ‘Rindu Yang Telah Pergi’. If I not mistaken, Akim, Black and AG sing that song. Last news I got from him was about he was sick and he got donation from an association (didn’t remember what association, KARYAWAN maybe). (kenapa pelik sangat ayat BI aku ni?) What happen to him now? I’ve tried to find him in Google but no luck (except the raya MTV video with no credit).  

For Bob Kuman, you very lucky to have these buddies with you. It’s really hard to get friends that willing to help you without asked to be paid nowadays. Good luck with your surgery and we hope that the good news will fly to the air, Abang Bob!!! 

Spread the LOVE to your friends in your pray and to anyone you see along the way…


@aznilnawawi: yang susah kita tolong, yang senang jangan sombong.

By the way…

Are they #HeroMalaya?   (^_^)


Wednesday, January 26


Inilah 'peti surat' yang Ambo kongsi dengan lebih seribu orang di sini. Tapi nama Ambo tak pernah ada kat sampul surat yang bertimbun tu.

Tuesday, January 25


About a year ago, I always check on the net (that time I have Mr.BB) I want to find song lyrics. There’s a lot of lyrics in the Net that have spelling error + word error. Very frustrating!!!

Time passes and the problem still become problem. Even my lecturer (Thank You AYAH! Love you!) give his blessing to copy paste the lyrics in the Internet for his assignment. How I wanna give my assignment to him if I did not satisfy with it?

So, thanks to Techno, I have made a blog (not a blogspot) that I put a song with it lyric. All the song I put in there was BOUGHT, not downloaded. It’s mean I have the CD, the cover art and of course, the lyric. I just put the song and write the lyric based from the cover art (although I know there were spelling error here & there. NOT MY FAULT!) in the blog and copy paste from there if my deadline is near. That’s how I have the lyric and the source. (Two most important things in the assignment). I’m such a GENIUS!!!

And yeah, I will not tell you the address of the blog. Find it yourself-lah bro… (^_^)

And now, need to think about my ‘Pancha Delima’ bangsawan script. Submit before this Friday. (Nak tengok Mak Yong kat KLCC! Nak membeli-belah sambil mencuci mata kat Carrefour Wangsa Maju!)

When I say ‘mencuci mata’, it’s mean ‘mencuci mata’… HAHAHA


@1SuccessMentor:"If you don't imagine, nothing ever happens at all."-John Green

That reminds me of the quote that been wrote at the big board in front of FACT (my faculty).

‘You need a dream to achieve it.”

Sadly, I forgot who said that. (Lalu depan board tu hari-hari kot. Sangat kurang sensitif)


Sunday, January 23


While listening to Jesse McCartney songs (sorry to say, but I downloaded them. His albums are Toooo expensive maaa!!!), my friend recommended me to Photoscape – a software that can change a picture to better one, or worst.

So, in the name of curiosity, I try using it. Kind of cool, can change pictures to anything you want. But sadly, one of my MASTERPIECE had gone. (I forgot to click ‘save’ button. MY FAULT!!!)

These are pictures that turned to THE WORST IMAGE OF ALL TIME!








 Hero Malaya Resize

Very The Hancusss!!! I really don’t have The Magic Touch.

(Need to get rid of the software A.S.A.P)


@amirmu:Kata-kata ringkas ialah kepetahan yang paling mempesona. - Cicero, lebih 2,000 tahun sebelum wujudnya Twitter.


Saturday, January 22

Terima kasih. Thank You. Toce. Nandren. SYUKRAN. Arigatou….. Hait!!!!

Today I’m out again. (Did you know they have create a new word called TIRED?) Like always, I want to find a CD. And today I wanted to find ‘Syukran’ album by Hafiz Hamidun.

I found it easily and without any problem (thanks to Iqram Dinzly for the ‘kap ba ro kap alif ta nun’ ;) hehe). I found it at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

And here’s a thing. When I get into the SPEEDY Video at Ikano Mutiara Damansara, I found ‘Fantastik’ album by Fabulous Cat. That’s one of the CD that I put in my WANTED list because first, it’s have Papa Jahat and second, the voice of Alyah, the popular female singer when she was in that group is there.

A little thing about me. I always bring MYR 50 if I want to go out. (The sum will be bigger if I need to buy groceries). So I need to choose between Mr. Hafiz Hamidun OR Mr. Cat. Lastly, after half an hour thinking (The employer watching me with his bored eyes. Like I care. HAHA), I buy ‘Syukran’ but next week (maybe Friday, in God willing), I will went back there and buy ‘Fantastik’. Just hold on, okey?

Another thing that bother me is I’ve been to a lot of CD store but my eyes still can’t detect this 2 CD: ‘Hafiz Hamidun’ by Hafiz Hamidun (2006 or 2007) and ‘Aiman’ by Aiman (2009). Both album had been produced by Arteffects Production. I want to find both album because I like the album a lot more than ‘Syukran’ (sorry, but that’s the truth). In that album has a lot of nice song to my ears like ‘Bilakan Damai’(When The Peace Will Come) , ‘Cerita Hati’ (Story From My Heart), ‘Cinta Ke Syurga’ (Love to Heaven) (my favorite song) and a lot more.

And ‘Aiman’ album, I like his voice since ‘Akademi Nasyid’, plus, there are a lot of his fans here that did not get his album. One of my sister said to me,

“I went to the CD store and ask about ‘Aiman’ album. They showed me ‘Ae-man’ (nasyid kid group album).”

And also, one of his song was NEVER been heard at the radio, but become my favorite that is ‘Teman Biasa’ (A Regular Friend).

I still remember between 2006 or 2007, I found ‘Hafiz Hamidun’ album in Mydin Market Dungun. But not CD, it’s in cassette form (very oldskool. I like…). I wanted to buy it but my financial manager a.k.a my mother did not give the permission. Still frustrated until now.

Okey, that’s all. Rajin-rajinlah membaca ya…   (^_^)

P/S: Did I mention I want to ELIMINATE all my song that I download illegally? To support local music industry. Thanks to ‘Hapuskan Cetak Rompak’ campaign that I attend last year. (Like Imran Ajmain said, ‘Korang download, korang bluetooth, korang dapat lagu tapi kitorang dapat apa?’ My brain said, “dapat promosi free.” HEHEHE. Sorry Mr Ajmain. Just kidding)


@aliaphelion: One African waiter came up to me and said I looked like a famous ‘charcoal artist’ from his homeland. Bahahaha!

GOWWIN’ UP!!!   

Hafiz Hamidun 1st album.

Thursday, January 20

Ku Chase Shadow Mu In Dream Ku

Hari ini Ambo begitu rindu untuk berbahasa Melayu. Minta maaflah kalau ada beberapa pelawat catatan Ambo tak faham bahasa yang Anbo gunakan. Ambo rajin melihat statistik berapa ramai yang telah membuka blog Ambo. Ribuan terima kasih yang tak terhingga kerana sudi menjenguk catatan Ambo yang kadang kala terkeluar landasan dan kadang kala mengelirukan. Maklumlah, Bahasa Inggeris Ambo sangatlah lemahnya…

Adalah satu hari Ambo masukkan satu lirik lagu yang memang Ambo minat sejak pertama kali mendengar lagu tersebut ke dalam blog ini. Tiba-tiba kawan sebelah Ambo bukalah blog catatan Ambo. Automatiknya keluarlah satu pertanyaan dari Google Chrome.

“This webpage is in Indonesian. Would you like to translate it in English?”

Kawan Ambo pun tekan ‘translate’ (tak tahulah kenapa dia buat macam tu). Tapi lepas sahaja lirik lagu itu ditukar bahasanya, lirik lagu cinta itu telah bertukar menjadi lirik lagu humor. Nak bagi contoh di sini pun agak susah sebenarnya.

Tapi sejak itu setiap kali kawan Ambo buka blog Ambo, pertanyaan itu tak pernah muncul lagi. Entah apa yang Ambo dah buat. Dulu rasa rimas dapat soalan yang sama. Sekarang rasa macam nak buat lagi. Kelakar punya pasal.

Kalau kalian berpeluang masuk blog Ambo melalui Google Chrome dan pertanyaan itu keluar, jangan segan-segan tekan perkataan ‘translate’. Bukan semua perkataan mampu di tukar bahasanya.

Ambo nak bercerita panjang lagi sebenarnya tapi kesian pulak pada mata kalian. Tak apalah. Selagi dapat unlimited wireless (ada beberapa webpage yang di’access denied’kan. Contoh terbaik: TORRENT) selagi itu Ambo takkan berhenti mencatat dan mencatit dan menulis dan mengarang dan menaip dan yang sama spesis dengannya.  

Oh ya, kalau kalian perasan sejak akhir-akhir ini Ambo selalu masukkan gambar dalam blog ini. Hal ini kerana (sekali macam tulis esei SPM da…) Ambo sedang membatakkan diri dengan telefon bimbit Sony Ericsson Ambo. Memang lepas ni akan ada banyak lagi gambar yang entah apa-apa entah. (^_^)

Okey, Ambo berhenti menaip sekarang. Tapi sebelum itu,


@ImranAjmain: “In order to succeed, you must first be willing to fail.” Anonymous.

And I totally agree with IT. (Ok, dah English balik)


Tuesday, January 18


This is live. He at the next room. And that room FULLY LOADED!


Lucky me! I capture the most bright moon I've ever seen. Even the moonlight can get in my picture. SubhanAllah! :-)

Sunday, January 16


It's showtime for part 1 Faculty of Artistic and Creative Technology from all courses.

Thursday, January 13


Can’t open Facebook, can’t open Twitter, can’t open Youtube, can’t open Tumblr.

Can open Yahoo!, can open Google, can open Blogspot, can open Wikipedia.

I have a lot to do when I’m connected with Internet but (as always) I forgot. So, while I got wireless in my house for another 4-5 months, better rip the Internet apart when you still got the chance. (^_^)

In Great Literature class, our lecturer showed a lot of books. From that lots and lots of books, I only have read one of them.

And when she asked if anyone had read any of these books, I’m the only person that put my hand in the air. I don’t know if they were ashamed or they’re really not interested in reading.

For me, reading is everything. Even you want to go somewhere, you need to read the signboard.

And if the statistic still say that Malaysians’ read only one book per year, it’s mean I’m not Malaysian. Okey, what am I? A READING ROBOT??? Hahaha (^_^)

Well, I’m glade that I’m a readLOVER (I called myself that instead of book lover because I like to read ANYTHING. Not just books, I love to read pamphlets, and even signboard and lecture notes and textbooks). Last year, my ‘Critics And Critical Thinking’ lecturer give his whole class a bunch of notes. The notes contain something about Sigmund Freud and his three stage psychology method. Well, I have ‘Psychology’ class this semester. (And every girl keep talking about how handsome he is, BUT I’m not every girl)


@IqramDinzly: Sedar janggut secuit, sedar misai jarang-jarang. RT @fadzmel: @IqramDinzly elelelelelelele. Sedar ruang sedar diri sedar mata sedar bulu.


Saturday, January 8


There’s a lot of thing I want to feel grateful about. From my first breath on Earth until now, His blessings never stop and never less. He advised me in unforgettable way.

I want to remember Him always. (^_^)

Yesterday I met Ima and AJ (my friends) at Giant Seksyen 13 bustop. They just came back from KL after went to Seremban and Melaka. Ima asked me the same question. So, I told her about my journey to Cineleisure from KLCC. Then she told me,

“You must be very disappointed because you can’t see him perform there…”

The truth is, I don’t. After I know that event need to register first, (how I wish I need a phone that can open FB 247) I felt relief. That time I realize that I like him, but I like to travel more. When I said about travel, it’s not about going oversea by flight or in luxurious way, than be a tourist. It’s more like you know that place by someone else (in my case, Facebook), use Google Maps, take buses and LRTs like you have been to that place thousand times and WALLAH!

It’s wasting time, I know. And KRAZZY!!! But I only have a year to be KRAZZY. And the assignments that will become thicker and thicker every week make my time moves very fast.     

It’s wasting money, well, it’s quite true, for some of us. Thanks to my father, buses are my second cars.HEHEHE (^_^)

Need to go. ‘Melodi’ on air now.


Wednesday, January 5


I like to buy ‘Metro Ahad’ every Sunday. (Dah namanya Metro Ahad, takkan keluar hari Isnin pulak…) I think the sensitive issue and hotly spoken will be reviewed in that paper.

One day, I read an article about a film called ‘Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole’. They want to give free tickets for lucky winners.

I tried my luck and I’m one of the LUCKY WINNERS. I need to go 20th Century Fox Office to grab the tickets.

A little bit of hard because that time I was in my hometown back at Terengganu. (A LITTLE BIT!!! Banyak ahh…) Thanks to my understanding father, he give me permission to go to Kuala Lumpur earlier than usual. (Honesty is the best policy)

The company will closed at 5.00 pm but I reached KL Sentral 4.30 pm. I have no other option, need to take a CAB.

I need to pay RM 30 for one way. (Giler cekik darah drebar tu… Aku naik bas FREE jer kot) We need to go around at the same place for many times to find the company. The best part is, they put their signboard INSIDE THE BUILDING INSTEAD OF OUTSIDE. (Siapa nak tengok signboard dorang dalam bangunan tu?)

But the best thing is, the employer there were really concern about me and willing to wait for me until I came. I reached the company about 5.30 pm.

And the cab driver willing to take me back to KL Sentral for RM 50. (Dok leh wak gappo lah.)

Although I got the ticket for free, that ticket worth RM 90++. That’s why I still keep the ticket with me. :)

And yeah, I must go to Tropicana City Mall to watch the movie. (WHAT???! Kat mana tu?)

To be continued…


@ImranAjmain: Kalau orang belum buat, kita buat. Kalau orang dah buat, kita buat lagi baik. Kalau orang tak nak buat, biar kita buat sendiri!

GOWWWIN’ UP!!!    

Sunday, January 2


I had a pillow talk with a few of my new friends during the ‘Anti-Discrimination for Students’ workshop (or my friend call it: The Left Political Party Workshop) that had been held at 18 and 19 December 2010.

Conclusion from that, there’s one thing for sure. They ALL HATE induction!!! Well, who like that session? There are Nadia, Dines, Sarah, Nurul, Helene, Xuan, and others shared their experience on how they had been inducted. Not surprisingly, they had been inducted by their RACE!!! The content of the induction:


-Malay must help other Malays

-Chinese must help other Chinese

-Indian must help other Indian

Conclusion: Other races will not help you!!

For me this scenario not only happen in universities that have a lot of races, but also happen in university that have only 1 race (like where I studying right now). How that can be called a similarities? During induction, students will be divided by COURSES!!! The content of induction (my faculty):

-SCREEN must help other SCREEN

-WRITING must help other WRITING

-ACT must help other ACT


CONCLUSION: Other courses will not help you!!!

Luckily, the MPP of my faculty did not divided by courses.

What I want to say is…

If in our own race had been divided and did not trusting each other because of different courses, don’t it still look like a discrimination?

If RACISM is bad, how about COURSISM???

‘Need to topup my knowledge banyak-banyak”