Thursday, May 5

Miss My Umi (T_T)

It's been around 5 months I did not see my family. Now this semester will over (sebenarnya dah habis dah pun) and I have less than a month to be with them. although I always calling them and they calling me but the chance for me to see my family face to face are not that big.

Sometime I jealous when I call my mother to wish her 'Happy Birthday', she tell me how sweet my sister (eldest sister) touch her hand and whispered 'Happy Birthday' in her ears. But of course, I don't want to put myself at the first place during her happy moment. (Saper suruh belajar jauh-jauh, padan muka!)

Now all I can do to make this feeling (rindu kat Umi) go away is just call her recently and eating 'ulam'. Before I continueing my study in Shah Alam, my Umi always put 'ulam' during lunch and dinner. If not 'pucuk pegaga' or 'ulam raja', a cabbage that had been cut will be nice. It's working (kejap jelah, lepas tu rindu balik, huhu) and looks like I need to eat 'ulam' everyday (nampak tak betapa kroniknya tahap rinduku ni) until I went back home (tu pun tak tahu bila lagi).

8th May are just around the corner and I'm afraid I will not have time (and lappy) to update my blog so I wish all the mothers, mamas, umis, moms, mommys, ammas and whatever you called someone that give birth to you a 'Happy Mother's Day'.

"Every mom are beautiful and wonderful. You will realize it whether when she's around or not." - my own qoute. (copyright controlled. HAHAHA)


Tuesday, May 3

You're Just Too Good To Be True~~~

It's kind of weird when they say I just listening to local songs only. Well, if you see my CD collection you also will agree with them. What can I say, local CD cheaper than international CD.

I'm listening, like everyone else. Not just English, Malay even Chinese and Hindi sometimes Tamil. But nowadays there just a few songs that really make me wanna say: I wanna hear more.

I don't know why but today I remember the first English song that really I like to hear when I 11 or 12. I always watch the 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' MTV at TV2 every midnight before the news. But the video have a few sexy part of Denise (kan ada scene Denise meniarap dengan pahanya yang putih lagi gebu) so they will show the same polite image over and over again until the end of the song.

I know this is an old song (Andy Williams kot, tak pun Frankie Valli) but there's something about this song that make me feel I wanna fall in love with someone. Believe me, if any guy sing MY FAVORITE VERSION of 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', I definitely fall in love with him, (especially if .......... ............ sing this song on stage, boleh pengsan I tau, hahaha). This is the greatest song ever (Harga dia pun great jugak).