Saturday, February 26


When I wrote ‘I’, it doesn’t mean me. I got this from an old article I found in Mr.Net (If you understand what am I talking about). Today I wanna tell you a story about the Fan, the Singer, and the Manager. This story have 2 parts: the EPIC & the PLAN.


This great epic begin a long time ago in 2010 at Hot FM Big Jam. Fan got a chance to see Singer ‘face to face’. Fan give a postcard and a pen to Singer so he can signed it. When the pen was so, so… close to the postcard, Manager came to Singer and said that they need to go. Singer become ‘blurr’ (aku pun tak taw apo lah maknonye) and give the pen and the postcard back to Fan… WITHOUT SIGNING IT!!! Fan blame Manager for what had happen and Fan never got a chance to see Singer after that. Fan told me this story about a month ago. I remember what she said,

‘Demi dia, ku sanggup lakukan apa saja.’

So, I came up with this plan.


This plan had occurred in my head  three days ago. I wanna bring Fan to Singer so she can ask his autograph for the second time. So, I make a surprise for her. But, she can’t come with me to meet the Singer. Hey, that’s okay. I just keep the surprise until further notice. Then I went to meet Singer, (that I had met him more that three times, never see him sing yet this year) sign the surprise, met another stars there (he’s not the only star okay…) and went home. Tomorrow morning I will give it to her.

Why I make the surprise?

1. For me, asking autograph need to go with information. If you just sign a blank paper, what is it for? I had been in the situation when I asked autograph from all the member in a vocal group. Then, I and my friend arguing which sign refers to who (budak-budak lagi time tu). Can’t talk with my friend for weeks because of that.

2. Everything have it’s own sentimental value. Even a candy wrapper can give you sweet & sour memories. I just wanna make it meaningful to her (maybe next time).

And yeah, I just got the meaning of ‘shocking face’ everytime I showed singer’s CD cover to every singer I met ( yang ada album penuhlah. Album kompilasi dengan artis-artis baru lain + single 2-3 jer tak dilayan). It’s mean that they were touched on how keen you buy the album and bring it to them to be sign (ada jugak orang beli album aku time2 orang tengah gila download ni ye…). Seriously, I didn’t know that Shaheizy Sam will be there. If I know, I will bring the big poster of ‘KONGSI’ with me to Pavilion.  (-_- lll

P/S: I did not put the real name of Fan, Singer and Manager because I need to ‘jaga hati beberapa pihak’. But I ask him to sign an old news article about himself today at Pavilion. Opsss, the cat are out of the bag.   (^_^)

GOWWWIN’ UP!!!            

Thursday, February 24


I’m NOT a reporter, I’m NOT a journalist. So please don’t make my ‘Two Question In The Title Above’ confused you. For this post, I’m just a promoter that promote a product but did not paid for that. (She don’t care about the money. Sleeq, 2009  HAHAHA)


Hilang Punca: A Remix Project (Lost Cause: A Remix Project) is Imran Ajmain’s third album. All the song in this album had been taken and remixed (or shall I say refreshed) from his second album, Punca & Tindakan ( Cause & Reaction).

What make this album so special that make me want to write in here is he wanted to give this album FREE for everyone. By how?

He will upload one song from this album everyday starting 22 February 2011 until 1 March 2011. That’s right, all 8 songs in this album. He also had upload the cover of this album so that you can burn the song and print the cover and make the CD collection of your own (save budget, huh?).

Track lists:

1- Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang – RafiKoncept Remix

2- Selamat Ulang Tanuh Sayang – SpaceBar Remix

3- Yang Ku Perlu – Boonyi Remix

4- Jika Engkau Pergi – Acoustic

5- Jika Engkau Pergi – Saerah’s Cut

6- Jika Engkau Pergi – RafiKoncept Remix

7- Perjalanan – Maxlane Remix

8- (Elisya) Tak Mungkin – Young Remix

image  Artwork by Playpause

You can download this album straight from this blog:

for more information, please visit:

P/S: My favorite (until today): The 1st and the 3rd tracks. Can’t wait another 5 days.  (^_^)



Why you need to be somebody else? Because it will make you COOL? Make you popular? Don’t you tired put those ‘hypocrite’ mask around your face every time?

I know that you frustrated of what he did to you and want to take revenge but that is not your style. You too kind to do that. Believe me, if you put the same behavior as him, you will not be yourself anymore.

True, everyone makes mistake but that is not the excuse that you can make the same mistake. It just make your life more miserable.

Think wisely and be honest. If he the one who being an actor here, let him be. You don’t have to be actor like him too. You can be the viewer and judge him based on his acting skill. If you think he is a very good actor and a storyteller, just pull yourself out from the league.

I know that you scare to lose him but there is a time when you make a very right decision from a very messy problem and you don’t regret make the decision. Be brave. Everything have their risks.

But the most important thing, it’s in your hand. I only just can sit and listen. Giving my opinion while necessary. Enjoy your life and don’t make this lousy little thing destroying your happiness. You can make the different.

P/S: I just want to write. Sorry if my flying fingers make you can’t sit tight. HAPPY WONDERFUL DAY TO EVERYONE IN THE WORLD!!!


Wednesday, February 16


I just want to be a nice girl who  doing  her assignment  about  a  Bangsawan  script  and don’t wanna care  about  getting  the  Internet apart  today.  Sadly,  that  will not  gonna  happen.  Thanks  to  somebody  who  live  a  level  higher  than  me.

Story: I just want to rewrite  my  ‘Mentari Chenderawasih’ treatment from  my notebook to my  email  to send  to  my  lecturer. At our flat, we  got  WiFi  at  certain  place.  For  me,  my  Wifi  is  at the  window. Suddenly,  raining  occur.

But wait, it’s  not  raining. My neighbour  up there was hang her wet dresses  to be dried, without warning! Just imagine, if I leave my lappy here and did not notice about this. (worst case scenario).

So please. we share the same roof, the same sun, the same moon and the most important, the same air. Why we need to  be  selfish and destroying other people hope by being so selfish and greed? Plus, our house in this flat had been design as the same as another. In my house they have a place to hang the wet clothes at the back. I did not know what they put in their house. And, really, I did not wanna know.

Sorry to make  you read this babling ridiculous post. But hey, it’s a full moon right now! So round, so bright. Maybe you also need to look outside your window  and let nature entertain you.  (^_^)


P/S: Have problem with smoker. But I smell cigarette. Can’t… hold… on… much… longer…! I… Need… Air… HELP!!! 

Thursday, February 10


6 month ago I had downloaded a movie (thank you for the accessible torrent website, I don’t know how this one website ‘terlepas’ from administration eye’s) called ‘New York I Love You’. It’s a combination of a few of romantic short films by a lot of directors.


Different director, different kind of shots, story and style. You can choose which one is your favorite. Although this film less good then ‘Paris, I Love You’ (the original film), at least this film better than ‘Valentine’s Day’. I believe if this film got promotion as big as ‘Valentine’s Day’, it’s gonna be hit.

From the shorts in the movie, I like the one that directed by Joshua Marston. It’s about a husband and wife celebrating their 63rd anniversary at the beach. From their house to the beach they always nagging and babbling and criticizing each other. When they finally got to the beach, you can see how they show their love just for 30 seconds (thanks to the skateboarder that spoil all the mood).

I like this short because it’s cute in it’s own way. Seriously, they were cute when they babbling to each other. There was a scene in that short when they want to cross the street. The husband take a lot of time to cross it. He and his ‘ego’ face make me want to laugh but when I look at the wife, I can say that they will be separated in no time.

Well, I guess I was wrong. the memorable 30 seconds with no dialogue and less action really touch my heart. Actually this short want to show what happen in our daily live. We always think what we have isn’t good enough and there’s something that you can be mad about, but don’t make that one little ‘something’ make you forget how enjoyable and meaningful this life is.

Overall, this movie will not disappointing you. Just watch the movie, pick your favorite and tell to the world why you like it!

Last but not least, Natalie Portman act and direct in this movie. But she’s not acted in her own shorts. You know what I mean…


P/S: why I don’t like minus one.

a) they like to use the first song as minus one (there’s a lot of great songs in the album that they can turn to minus one).

b) looks like they don’t have much idea to create new songs nowadays…


Friday, February 4


FINALLY!!! After years and years of complaining. But it still a long journey to our local MusicCreator. And while waiting for this ‘Akta Digital’ to be ‘diluluskan’, I believe there’s a lot of people around the world (The WORLD, babeh…) still use the simple, free but ‘music industry-killing’ method to get their favorite songs. Even the singer himself *give a ‘WHAT!!!!’ look* (metaphor) if anyone show his cover album to be signed. (If you read every posts in my blog, you know…)

But I’m concern about this part in the article:

“Katanya, penjualan lagu secara digital seperti muat turun melalui internet dan nada dering melebihi daripada penjualan secara fizikal iaitu cakera padat (CD), malahan pada tahun 2014 nanti dijangkakan lebih 70 peratus penjualan lagu dibuat menerusi talian.”

Grande Problema! (for me-lah) It’s mean a lot of cd album will vanish, a bigger space for movie video ( I thought movie also facing the same problem), desperately needing Internet in life, and everyone must have PayPal(something that I can’t afford for about 5 or 10 ‘Years From Now’).

But hey, look at the bright side, ‘There’s no such thing as ‘free’ in this world’. You even need to pay 20 or 30 cent to use toilet. (Tak ada kena-mengena) You don’t need to suffering your ears listening to ‘The Worst Song Ever’ just because ‘The Greatest Song Ever’ is in the album too, and don’t have to waste your money, just buy what you want. It’s your money, not mine.

Back to the question, is the ‘Akta Digital’ necessary? YES! It’s really necessary. Just like everyone else, they need to be paid for their hard work. And downloading illegally will not make them richer. (are they?)

P/S: I love to find CD album, but I prefer to buy album with NO MINUS ONE. Why? Next time, next post.


@FazleyYaakob: Hati2 apabila men'tweet'kan kemarahan, kerana seringkali memperlihatkan kelemahan kita bukan kesalahan orang lain

And yeah, I finally deactivate my Twitter account. This app really make me feel like a professional stalker (who am I stalking?) Although I have a great time chatting with my favorite STAR (there’s a lot of artists that I had follow and followed me back. But this is not a grammar nor spelling error), the ‘feeling guilty to be a stalker’ thing really burden my heart right now and need to be stop! (can anybody change the fact that ‘stalking is wrong?’)