Tuesday, October 11

A Start From A Fool Scene 1

A girl was waiting to be auditioned for a musical theater.

She was bored.

She saw a CCTV camera and wave to it.

The camera moved a little.

The girl toke out a notebook and a pen from her bag.

She wrote something as big as she can and put it in front of the camera.

‘Are you bored?’

The camera moved up and down.

The girl wrote another note.

‘Me either.’

She put her note down and start singing and dancing Korean version of ‘The Three Bears’. The camera follow her every single move.

When she was finished dancing, the camera move up and down, left and right happily.

She take a bow to the camera.

The camera do the same.

Then she hear someone clapping.

Sunday, October 9

A Start From A Fool Scene 3

Maia get into the front stage with her right broken leg.

She is standing in front of a woman, a man and a chair.

The woman ask her.

‘What’s wrong with your leg?’

Another guy came in before Maia start answering.

He open the door and straight to the empty chair.

He is drinking straight from a mineral bottle.

‘Sorry guys, I’m late but I’ve seen an incredible performance today at our lobby. Please continue.’

Maia thought she had seen that guy before but that place is too dark and a big light only showed to her.

‘Miss Maia?’

‘While I at the lobby a guy told me to break a leg. So I do it.’

The guy that drinking spilled all his drinking water at the table.

He look straight at Maia.

The woman ask,

‘Do you know this girl, Jerry?’

The guy said,

‘No. I just… this… this drink is so bad. GIVE ME ANOTHER DRINK!’

The woman focus on Maia again.

‘Miss Maia. Break a Leg is a proverb. It’s mean good luck.’

‘Well, as you know, I’m not very pro about the verb and one of myUmi’s quotes’ is Don’t Believe Any Stranger.’

Maia put her hands in the air and look up as someone up there smirking at her.

‘I get it now. Thanks for reminding me. THANKS A LOT!’

The guy in the middle said,

‘How you want to dance if you have a broken leg?’

Maia put a fox smile at her face.

‘It’s mean that I don’t get the job, right? Oh well… HIT IT!’

Maia danced and hold her pain at the same time.

The guy in the middle stopped her.


Maia stopped.

Her fox smile still at her face.

She take a bow and move to the backstage.

The first jury complain.

‘Huh, I just think that girl just want to take our pity to cover our misjudge. She doesn’t have any talent at all.’

Jerry said, as cool as he can be,

‘She got talent. She just dumb.’

‘Excuse me? Have you seen her dancing?’

Jerry smirked, put a CD in front of her nose.

‘As the matter of fact, yes I have. Both legs.’

*kisah ini sekadar suka-suki buat selamber badak. Tak pernah terfikir pasal ending. But I try to finish it. and mind my grammar, or grammy or whatever they call ‘tatabahasa’ in English.

GOWWWIN’ UP!!! (^_^)