Thursday, January 26

Hello Ghost (Korean Movie)

By looking at the cover reminding me of Hum Tum Aur Ghost (Hindi movie) and Ghost Town (Hollywood Movie). A bunch of ghost return to earth making chaos to one lifeless person until the person fulfilled their wish. This Kim Young-tak’s handmade have a little bit of family twist.

Before all of you say what the fish or sqeeky sqeeky sqank sqank, allow me to give to you ‘Hello Ghost’, a Korean movie directed by Kim Young-tak. It’s a story about Sang-man, an orphan that want to commit suicide. Well, he die but come back to life with extra soul. Not 1, not 2 but 4 souls. A smoking man, a pervert old guy, a crying woman and a big eater kid. He must fulfilled all their wishes to make them go away and he will die in peace. During his missions, he fall in love with a nurse, Jung Yun-soo.

What I like about this movie is Cha Tae-hyun, as Sang-man. Not about his looks (believe me, NOT all Korean are cute) but his performance and act. He can adapt the difference of this four soul without using a lot of dialogues. But we can understand which soul that had get into him in no time. Like in the police station scene, we can see him changing as himself and the smoking guy in just, a blink. And that not-very-cute face of Cha Tae-hyun is so dame *the sound , not the word* popular in Korea (don’t believe me? The Sassy Girl, Speed Scandal, who the lead character in those movie? Data, data, data).

The message is simple, appreciate everyone you have now before it’s too late. When they gone, live your life. This movie really touch my heart that my eyes can’t stop crying (this should be a comedy, right?).

Before I forgot, it’s U: Suitable For All Age.

P/S: Better watch the trailer first. They put much effort in it.      

And yeah, no sub. If you watch the movie you can watch the sub.

ANATA. . . KAWAII!!! (^_^)