Monday, April 25

Fuh... Fuh... Finally...

First of all, I don't good in elaborate things. Although that time I got idea then later I don't know what to say next. That's when Facebook (FB) and Twitter coming handy.

14th April 2011:

It's my sweet little sister's 11th birthday. (had wish her, but she claim present. Need to go shopping). At that time there's a gala night and a birthday bash! I can say that it was a very, very long night.

I didn't go to the gala night. What do you say if you need to do this and that (nothing to do with academic really) or you will be extended one sem of your studies? And what the point of being there if you contribute nothing. supporting your friend that nominated? not really... (you know them but they didn't know you).

So, I went to the birthday bash. It was... boring. It's have karaoke session (it was held in a karaoke hall), Suprise!!! session blowing candle session, 'suap-menyuap' session, taking picture session, karaoke session, another SUPRISE!!! session, press session (just for the B-boy while we 'enjoying' another karaoke session), giving present session, lastly, autograph and another taking picture session (I'm just helping others to grab a picture with the B-boy). It's that what we got in all birthday bash?

Recall back to another birthday bash. It was a 'B-girl'. We make it simple (budget) yet fun (excitement). No balloon, no host, just a cafeteria (read: 'open air' dining hall) a camera and a big Secret Recipe's cake. It's have blowing candle session (any birthday party did not completed without this session), eating cake with cutest style session (I'm the judge because they're using my camera. haha), taking picture session (this time with me in it), and 'baling' the cake, the flour and the eggs session. less session with more happening things to do.

okay, maybe the 'B-boy' is not my friend, but at least can you give something that makes EVERYONE cheer up? Still, a big clap to the president of the 'B-boy' fan club (FC). Although I'm not in the FC but she treated us all the same, member or non-member.

One more thing, if you wanna wish someone via Facebook, please wish at THEIR page, not YOURS.

Thursday, April 14

Where is my April?

I have not writing nowadays. Well, there's a lot of obstacle that I need to be patience about (my lappy was 'dead', need to do my assignment all over again, had been embarassed front of my lecturer.)

Well, the past is the past. Need to move on.

And now... listening to MY CLASSMATES' SONG!